12000BPH High Speed Servo Control Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine with 9 Cavities

Suitable for all shapes of PET plastic bottles,widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic Blowing Machine
√√ Application:0.2-2L
√√ Capacity:12000BPH

Brieft Introduction

RM-9E integrate high efficiency preform feeding system , servo preform separating system, intelligence heating system and servo stretching system in one, the whole system of this automatic blowing machine is high speed and brings smoother performance, intelligence operation help to save the power using and reduce the operator need.

This automactic blowing machine is able to produce bottle types including 330ml-550ml, 500ml-750ml, 1000-2000ml and so on. RM series blow molding machines are convenient and fast, have large molding capacity and are widely used in many industries.

Advantages of RM-9EL plastic blow molding machine

1.  High efficiency preform feeding system: full automatic single channel of this bottle blowing machine make sure the high speed and high efficiency preform settlement, efficiency increase almost 33% which make clients get more profits.

2.  Better operation experience: the automatic bottle blowing machine works with low noise and low consumption because we are using the improved technology and thicker SS304 material. Improved single channel technology prevent high failure rate; provide smoother operation and more stable system; make more precision feeding location.

3.  Servo preform separating system: even servo system has higher efficiency, this automatic bottle blowing machine can also keep the power using in a good range, reaction in one chain and clamping synchronization make the motor work in low consumption is achievable.

4. Good Version for the end product: the principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine is using servo motor to clamp mold and bottom mold, lock the mold in high pressure and then make the clamping line as invisible as possible.

5.  Patent development technology: automatic bottle blowing machine Intelligence heating and stretching system is under independent development of photoelectric limit and mechanical limit, the stretching process have double insurance on avoiding unnecessary touch with bottom mold, make sure the blowing process can be worked on independent platform.

6.  Widely suitable range: according to the market requirement, frequently bottle volumes change of bottle blowing machine is an essential function, RM-9E is a good actor to finish this work to blow the bottle volume from 0.2L-2L.

7.  Reasonable settlement of bottle blowing process: settle the water colding system below the heating box to help cold water freeze mold quickly and then improve whole efficiency, the entire process of this automatic bottle blowing machineensure the quality of end products and reduce losses.

8.  Quality guarantee: patent on sealing inspection provides safety operation, inspection part can prevent abnormal production period and avoid the damage of stretching part, effectively protect the bottle blowing machine.

9.  International famous supplied accessories: All of the element are in international famous brands, meet international production standard, stable and reliable accessories ensure the service life of it which also shorten the maintenance cost, increase profits indirectly.


Suitable for all shapes of PET plastic bottles,widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic Blowing Machine
√√ Application:0.2-2L
√√ Capacity:12000BPH
√√ Warranty:24 Months
√√ Servo preform divided system, adjustable HMI operation, digital control.
√√ High Speed, high efficiency; electrical saving; advanced technique process
√√ Independent construction design shorten the blowing process
√√ Imported reflective mirror aluminum plate, heat equably and higher transparency
√√ Mold locked by high pressure pressurized plates, reduce visibility of clamping line
√√ Servo transfer system, accurate position, high speed, stable and reliable


With the help of imported reflective mirror aluminum plate, the heat energy of lamps are toll full advantages of heating time, power consumption and capacity. the machine can heat evenly, easy maintenance.absolute safety, visual inspection,low noise. Unique machine combination facilitates performs mechanically fed or manually inserted by labors, maximize machine's superiority. 


All complicated process are done by digitization, safe, fast and accurate divided .Adopt sliding block conveyor structure, preforms in group of matrix move into heating tunnels, Ruby lamps scientifically calculate infrared wavelength to ensure preforms heated evenly and save electric and consumption up to 40%.


The stroke and speed of servo motor are easy adjusted through theHMI, compare with the traditional server ways, preform divided, etc,the new one controls one-way work, High speed servo system with one power source, provide power to motor routine and speed adjust, easy operation can simplify the operation process, it has higher speed increase the precision.


Flow chart of blowing machine: high pressure air compressor-air tank-air dryer-low pressure air compressor- air filter-blow moulding machine-mould-water chiller,all the equipment are available as in package. segregate type air controlling system, which is designed for avoiding waste pollution. all the equipment are made by famous element brands.



Technical Parameters

Type RM-9EL  
Output According to bottle type 12000PCS/H@500ml
Product specification Bottle diameter 20mm-100mm
Bottle height 50mm-300mm
Bottle mouth diameter 15mm-38mm
Mold Cavities 9cavities
Mold thickness 200mm
Mold effective area 500*500mm
Main power Power 380v   3Phase    / 220v   3Phase 50/60HZ
Install power/actual power 110kw/10kw
Air source Low pressure air compressor 2.0m3/min 1.0MPa
High pressure air compressor 8.0m3/min 3.5MPa
Cold dry machine 6.0m3/min 3.0MPa 1set
Cooling water Cooling water quantity 15L/min
Main machine size Length width height/weight 5600*2600*2400mm/9500kg
Preform loader size Length width height/weight 2350*1350*2650mm/550kg


Application Range


RELIABLE Design Case


Blowing Moulds

Auxiliary Equipment

Process Flow Chart


Bottle Blower / Water Treatment / 3 in 1 Filling Machine / Labeling
Ink-jet Printer / Packing / Injection Molding Machine

Blowing Machine
Sugar Melting Tank
Water Tank
Water Tank
Active Carbon Filter
Sand Filter
RO Water Treatment
Filling Machine
Cap Up-loader
Labeling Machine
Bottle Dryer
Film Wrapping Machine

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