13-15 PKGS/MIN Full-Auto Widely Use Linear Type Shrink Wrapping Machine

Suitable for various shapes of bottle packing, widely used in the bottles packing on small scale bottles, film length can be adjustable.

√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic film wrapping Machine
√√ Application:2*3 / 3*4 / 4*4 / 4*5 / 4*6
√√ Capacity:15-20PKG/Min Warranty:24 Months

Brief introduction

Automatic shrink wrap machine is compact & artistic shape. The frame is novel, unique. Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film.

Adopt to PLC and touch screen controlling, Auto move method, touch screen have full machine manipulation function, can display instant and accumulated package quantity, and enable can print with the connected printer

Suitable for various shapes of bottle packing, widely used in the bottles packing on small scale bottles, film length can be adjustable.

√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic film wrapping Machine
√√ Application:2*3 / 3*4 / 4*4 / 4*5 / 4*6
√√ Capacity:15-20PKG/Min Warranty:24 Months
√√ SIEMENS PLC control proceed signal collect, SCHNEIDER switch online detection
√√ Anti-high temperature convey belt, convey steadily, high-strength anti-abrasion
√√ Continuous bottle feeding by conveyor belt, continuous push rod, high efficiency
√√ Film length adjustable, Proximity switch control, air cylinder structure
√√ Large air colling system, rapid finalization
√√ Rod pushing, bottle pushing with advanced technology, reduce bottle damage.

Application Sizes

Applications Applicable Type Capacity 
Plastic Bottles 4*6; 3*4; 2*3 13-15Pcs/Min(0.2-2L)
Cans 4*6; 3*4; 2*3 13-15Pcs/Min(0.2-2L)
Glass Bottles 4*6; 3*4; 2*3 13-15Pcs/Min(0.2-2L)
Tetra Pack Carton 4*6; 3*4; 2*3 13-15Pcs/Min(0.2-2L)



1.Automatic shrink wrap machine setting procedure is more quick and precise

2.controlling panel adopt to electronics touch and control button controlling, can directly input and revise package type parameter, also can save different package specification parameter, timely supervise facility operation whole srink warpping process

3.All the working procedure all have sensor checker, have ego diagnose function, if have any breakdown, facility will auto stop, display breakdown type indication on the touch screen

4.Common type reducer motor matching frequency transducer, whole automatic shrink warp machine limitless speed adjust, move transmission is very steadily; can as above situation change, auto control machine movement speed.

5.Mechanism spare parts adopt to stainless steel, chroming steel and strong anti-corrode character aluminum alloy ect material; surface good quality spray printing, whole automatic shrink wrap machine have strong anti-rust character

6.The automatic shrink wrap machine facility accord with safe manipulation and safe operation related criterion and standard. All the lubricate part connect central place, for convenient to handle, lubricate part all ensure have no pollute on the product.

7.The heating box of the shrink warp machine has the advantages such as reasonable structure, thermal insulation and accurate temperature control.

8.Equipped with world’s most advanced control components from Siemens in German, P+F in German, SMC in Japan and Motor Leo in Italy. The equipment is excellent and the working condition is steady.




Automatic unscrambling bottle's appliance makes bottle changing more quickly and conveniently, stainless steel wing heating tube with pieces, Whole machine plastic-sprayed, machine rack adopt to high quality carbon steel, main oart adopt to stainless steel.

Transportation Part

The Conveyor adopts Taiwan's High power motor and imported high quality accesorries, the machine performance is stable and works 24 hours a day, lengthen the hot air duct and good shrinkage effect. its advantage is to step-less speed regulation, so the carrying rate is higher. it could work a longer period more steadily. 

Conveyor Belt

The Main power system is double air circulation motors, make the hot air in the oven can spread more evenly to get better shrink effect. bring large amont of cooling air flow, rapidly cooling the product.

Advanced Motor

All equipment are in one package, with imported element for stable performance, the main feature is to debug the equipment and continous works

Auxiliaury Equipment

Technical Parameters

Type RM-50  
Output According to bottle type 15-20PKG/Min
power Power 380v   3Phase    / 220v   3Phase 50/60HZ
Voltage 30 KW
Pressure Working Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Temperature Shrink Temperature 200~280°C
Product Application Film Maximum Diameter 400mm
Film Maximum Width 600mm
Film Thickness Range 0.06~0.12mm
Main machine size Length width height/weight 11500*1100*2200mm/1300kg





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