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Automatic Single Head Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine for Round And Square Bottle Automatic Single Head Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine for Round And Square Bottle

It is special suitable for the symmetry and non-symmetry containers of wine, foods, cosmetic and label stickers on the shapes of flat, square, oval, cylinder,
and other anomalistic containers.

Major features and performance:
The machine are adopted the touching display operation, easy and intuitive, fully function.
Adopted Siemens control system, make machine more stable reliable in operation and long working time.

Fittings Selection
Synchronous hot coding printer, thermal transfer machine, ink jet printing machine.

Control System:
  • Panasonic PLC
  • Man-machine interactive system
  • Beverage Industrial
  • Medicine Industrial
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  • Model: PM-610
  • Brand: RELIABLE
  • Code: 8422301090
Automatic Single Head Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine 


Our adhesive sticker labeling machine mainly adopted Aluminum Alloy Anodization and 304 stainless steel, which make the machine structure more stable and durable. 

The function of the machine is more modularization, the design more humanization. It makes it easier to improve speed, and change the style simpler. 

In the control circuit ,we use man-machine interface control, so it is easy to master the operation of the machine. 

The excellent design of the circuit design makes our machine have a world leading speed in labeling. With a design of new concept, our machine needs less mechanical adjustment, and improves the accuracy and speed of labeling. 

Machine Features

1. Large touch screen, easy to operate, parameter display stick out a mile. 
2. Control system adopts the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC, with more stable performance
3. Adopting the Japanese OMRON measured photoelectric sensor, with objects higher sensitivity.
4. Adopting a special label photoelectric sensor of Taiwan FOTEK, with sensor sensitivity
5. Adopting the KINCO stepper input & output label motor, stable performance, high labeling precision
6. Using KINCO stepper motor driver, matching and KINCO motor, signal never distortion
7. High quality steel chain plate conveyor belt, long service life
8. Inverter adjusts and controls speed, more stable performance
9. Large control box, the internal electrical heat more easily, convenient detection, increase the firmness.
10. Adopting high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy material.
11. The surface of aluminum alloy processed through anodic sandblasting, high strength, beautiful appearance.
12. Label sending buffer device, to ensure that in the process of the operation the label is not pulled off
13. Automatic bottle dividing device.

Machine Detailed Images

PLC Control

Adjustment switch

Labeling conveyor

Bottle conveyor

Labeling Machine Data


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