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Fully Automatic 12000BPH Rotary OPP BOPP Hot Melting Glue Labeling Machine for Round Bottle Fully Automatic 12000BPH Rotary OPP BOPP Hot Melting Glue Labeling Machine for Round Bottle

The function of this rotray opp labeling machine is: positioning OPP, BOPP and paper label on the round bottle, the label is unrolled label. The machine automatically delivers the label, slits the label, and glues the label on both ends of the label, labeling and stroking the label.
This machine is suitable for mineral water, beverage, food, condiment and other industries, to achieve round bottle cutting, gluing, labeling.

Control System:
  • Beverages and Water Factory
Bottle Specifications:
  • 100~2500ml
Working Station:
  • 8 pcs
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  • Model: REL-1209Y
  • Brand: RELIABLE
  • Code: 84224000.00
Fully Automatic 12000BPH Rotary OPP BOPP Hot Melting Glue Labeling Machine 

The Specific features:

1.1.1. The system adopts Siemens microcomputer control. The touch screen directly clicks on the menu operation mode, and the parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive.

1.1.2. By replacing the screw into the bottle, the star wheel and bottle holder can be used for high-speed labeling of bottles of various specifications.

1.1.3, the sensitivity of the label electric eye is adjustable, especially for the transparent label and the label bottom paper with different transmittance, which can be used for identification and comparison.

1.1.4. The measuring electric eye is not interfered by external signals such as external light or ultrasonic waves, and the detection is accurate to ensure the accuracy of labeling.

1.1.6, all mechanisms including the frame, conveyor, bar to fasteners are all made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles and engineering plastics, never rust, no pollution, in line with GMP environmental requirements.

1.1.7 All system control components have international standardization certification, and undergo strict inspection and testing to ensure the reliability of each function.

1.1.8, the working status and fault of the machine, there are reminder warning functions, which make operation and maintenance more convenient and safe.

Machine parameters

Maximum speed

200 bottles /   minute (depending on bottle size and label length)

Labeling bottle   specifications

Round bottle

Labeling   accuracy


Total power


power supply

Three phase 220~480V   50/60Hz

Air pressure

5 Kg f/cm2

Air consumption


Dimensions   (length × width × height)

About 2031mm (L) ×1865mm (W) ×2001 mm (H)

total weight

About 2500Kg

opp labeling machine (2)    

opp labeling machine (1)     

Labeling Machine Label specifications        

a)      Roll OPP, BOPP and paper labels;    

b)      a) the thickness of the label is 0.03~0.1mm;    

c)      b) The quality of the label must be approved by the company before it can be used;    

d)      Label roll outer diameter    

opp labeling machine (9)    


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