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Beverage Turkey Project Service
Installation and commission

1. After the equipment arrives at the customer's workshop, the user shall place the equipment in accordance with the floor plan provided;
2. The company will send experienced technicians to guide the installation, commissioning and trial production of the equipment. Our company will adjust the equipment to the design capability within the planned time;
3. During the commissioning period, the company is responsible for providing spare parts and accessories free of charge.

Beverage Turkey Project Service
Training and guidance

1. We will be responsible for providing technical training to the buyer free of charge. Training content includes equipment structure and maintenance, equipment control and operation, etc.
2. The training can be contacted and adjusted according to buyer`s real operation environment . The company will assign qualified technicians to offer training services and develop corresponding training programs;
3. Through the training, the buyer's technical personnel should be able to master the relevant operation and maintenance skills, skillfully adjust the process, and deal with various faults in a timely manner.

Beverage Turkey Project Service
Complete line test

Factory Acceptance Test Criteria: (the buyer provides qualified bottles and cap)
The following defective products are ≤0.3%:
1. Leakage bottle: The bottle is inverted and squeezed by hand to show dripping water;
2. No cap or cap damage;
3The cap ring is broken or the bottle is seriously damaged.
Continuous production for 8 hours, the efficiency of the production line is ≥95%, meeting or exceeding the national standard for the efficiency of the whole line production of vials;
Bottle liquid level is controlled according to buyer`s request .
The sanitary indicators of the finished products produced by the filling process meet the requirements of the industry standards;

Beverage Turkey Project Service
Ship to destination

1. As clients request , we could organize shipping by sea , truck ,and train . That mean , FOB , FCA , CFR, CIF, CIP , DAP shipping terms is available .If you needed , we also could offer customs clearance services at destination .
2. The normal packages is wooden box. the wooden box will be after fumigated. If enter container the packages is too tighter, we may use PE film to wrapping the machine. or according customer special request.

Beverage Turkey Project Service
Manufacturing management & Quality control

From 2009 to 2015, RELIABLE was an OEM team for EUROPEAN and AERICAN machines; years of OEM experience made RELIABLE controlled the core technology on high quality, high safety machine manufacturing, thus made our advantage on leading technology
From OEM to independent brand business, RELIABLE deeply realized the importance of the team for a brand; the RELIABLE team is composed of experienced staff, whose average experience more than 10 years in this filed; and all of departments keep timely and friendly communication for customers suggestions, discuss the improvement of design and installation.
We control the quality not only check each single piece of spare part, but also simulate machine’s actual working to check each spare part’s fit precision during our installation, ensure our machines’ best precision; thanks to the cooperation with the SGS, CE and ISO, ensure our machines’ reliability.
With the increasing demands of plastic quality and quantity, injection molding factories required machines higher and higher, RELIABLE keeps the developmental innovation and research on precision, efficiency, safety and special material injection molding.

Beverage Turkey Project Service
Equipment maintenance

Maximize availability to achieve reliable production
For you, every second of production downtime will affect company profitability, machines reliability and efficiency is critical. We are willing to work with you to help you maintain the safe and reliable operation of the machines, according to your specific needs , we will offer the customized maintenance program to ensure the value of equipment throughout the life cycle .
RELIABLE understands how to make your production meet the growing market demand and adapt to changing consumption trends. From the production of the first packaging bottles to breakthrough 1 billion mark, our global professional team at any time to provide you with services to help you maintain production performance, to obtain the best return on investment.
• Ensure the sustainability and efficiency of production
• Minimize unplanned downtime, shutdown and emergency situations
• Maintain safety standards and final product integrity
For your business, our maintenance services can help you:
• Meet production targets and provide safety and quality products
• Continuous control of maintenance costs

Beverage Turkey Project Service
World-wide 7x24service

Since found our independent brand, RELIABLE established after-sale service and sales network all over the wold, we not only have the service network in Asia, South America, Africa, but also have the sales and service center in Europe, ensure the fastest local service for our

Beverage Turkey Project Service
Perfect spare parts service

Spare Parts and Logistics
Ensure trouble-free plant uptime and higher line performance
Speed is crucial to production, saving you money every minute of uptime. Because of this, you need to spare parts can be delivered on time, quality and durability. As an original equipment manufacturer with 10 years of experience, RELIABLE can deliver the spare parts you need.
Bring more value to customers around the world
We are familiar with the conditions to keep the production line running at optimum performance. We use DHL,Fedex,UPS Logistics services to provide the necessary spare parts for all kinds of RELIABLE equipment and whole line throughout the world, shorter delivery time and higher service efficiency. No matter where you are, we can meet your beverage packaging production needs, to create more value for you: to extend the trouble-free running time, enhance equipment stability, improve product quality, improve production safety.
Provide quality components that fit the production needs
No matter new or old equipment, we can provide complete spare parts solution, including old or obsolete parts upgrades. All spare parts provided by RELIABLE are designed, tested and identified by RELIABLE Senior Engineer team to ensure the best quality of original parts.
Quickservice Special mailbox
In addition to providing engineering professional technical support to customers, Quickservice Special mailbox, convenient for customers to quickly and easily order RELIABLE original spare parts to ensure that the production line continued high-performance operation. Through the DHL,Fedex,UPS All-weather supply chain, as well as convenient for customers to order Quickservice mailbox, you can timely and even receive the required parts in advance.
Accomplishments and data:
• 10 Industry Experience
• More than 5,000 installed equipment, across more than 100 countries/regions
• All-weather Inventory Supply
Find out how our spare parts and logistics services make the production process smoother:
Quickservice : Convenient for you to order quickly online, fully ensure that the equipment has no trouble running time
• RELIABLE Original Equipment parts: excellent quality to ensure the reliability of equipment operation
• Global Courier Logistics: Timely delivery of required spare parts
• Intelligent Replacement: Site with key components to meet contingencies

Spare Parts Service

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Plug&pipe for water  separator

Seals for metal pipe

Seals for filling valve

Gaskets for bottle neck

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