PET Bottle Carbonated Drink Filling Line

Reliable Machinery highly values production flexibility and overall efficiency in the production of carbonated drink production lines. 
With professional cost-profit analysis and resource management, it achieves perfection in every link and saves your manufacture cost. A series of complete line solutions have been designed and customized for carbonated drink production lines. We have rich production experience and can help you expand production capacity.
Reliable Machinery's complete line solution for carbonated drinks, from an idea of an entrepreneur to determining the plant, bottle design, label design, CSD formulation, process flow, packaging, and marketing. Reliable Machinery will do everything for you. You can Enjoy the wealth of expertise and sustainable after-sales service brought by Reliable Machinery to ensure your high-quality and efficient production.
Reliable Machinery is a partner to meet all your production needs!
Production capacity: 1000-36000BPH based on 500ml bottles

Production Process


Water Treatment System

Water purification system can effectively get rid of muddy organic, iron, manganese and oxide, filter suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of micro-organism and some of height-metal ion in the raw water resource. It can also reduce hardness of water to make it all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state fresh drinking water standards, even standard of healthy mineral water.

Purify Process:

Raw water>Water pump>Silica sand filter>Active carbon filter>Sodium ion exchanger>High pressure pump>Reverse osmosis>Ozone generator>Water tank>Pure water

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Bottle Blowing Machine

Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, volume from 100 ml to 2000 ml, wide application for blowing water bottles, soda bottles, cola bottles. Bottle shapes are all customized and can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Blowing process:

1) Pre-form inlet controlling

2) Bottle pre-form heating controlling

3) Blowing technology controlling

4) Bottle check and outlet

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Filling System

Reliable Machinery ace and top choice, medium & high capacity from 2000BPH to 12000BPH bottled water filling Machine for PET bottles.

Machine integrates the functions of rinsing, filling and capping together. Based on advanced technology overseas and designed according to the filling processing demands of mineral water, pure water etc.

The main electric and air-drive components are from world famous brand. All control is advanced PLC touch-screen operation and realize people-computer dialogue operation.

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Labeling Machine

We offer several different types bottle labeling machine based on your requirement.


PVC labeling machine:

When a bottle on the conveyor belt passes through the bottle detection eye, the servo-controlled drive group will automatically send a label, and the brushing wheel group will brush the next label, and the label will be sleeved on the bottle.


OPP labeling machine:

After the container is fixed, the container starts to rotate according to the set way.When the container reaches the detection position of the electric eye, the computer host controls the label feeding system to send the label. When a label feeding action is completed, the label is separated from the backing paper and attached to the product.


Sticker labeling machine:

The sensor detects the passing of the product and sends a signal back to the labeling control system. The control system controls the motor to send out the label and attach it to the position. The product flows through the labeling device and the labeling tape Drive the product to rotate, and the sticking action of a label is completed.

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Final Products Film / Case Packing Machine

We have Shrink wrapping machine and Case packing machine for you to choose.


PE Film Packaging Machine:

Put the package directly on the chain plate for transportation, and the package passing through the sealing and tangent line is pressed by the pressing device set above to prevent it from falling. After the ejection cylinder exits, the film sealing cylinder and the film cutting cylinder complete the film sealing. The package enters the shrink furnace to shrink. After the packaging has been shrunk, it is stacked after the cooling device is installed at the end.


Case Packaging Machine:

The bottles are grouped and dropped onto the cardboard by the bottle drop break. Pass through a set of template blocks and then fold the cardboard into a carton form. The main drive drives the carton forward, and at the same time, the top of the carton is sprayed with glue through the glue spraying break, and the cam breaks again and folds through the top frame, and the top carton is folded on the same top carton to complete the top sticking.

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CSD Mixing System

The CSD mixing system formulates the production process according to the characteristics of different kinds of drinks. According to the formula of the beverage, the preparation process is designed.


It’s a complete system used to produce CSD beverages. It contains sugar melting tank, mixing tank, heating and cooling tank, sterilizer and so on. Depend on your different formulations, we can customize machines for you. Mainly used for pretreating. Best welding, polishing working with high quality stainless steel 304/316. Scientific process design. Automatic control.


Preparation process : Syrup melting machine > Syrup pump > Syrup filter > Mixing tank > Beverage pump > Double filter > Mixing tank > Double filter > UHT sterilizer > Homogenizer > CIP system

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This equipment is automatic washing filling capping three in one machine. It’s of many advantages, such as compact structure, perfect control system and easy to be operated. Advanced touch screen and PLC control system makes man-machine communication true.


Washing part is mainly composed of washing pump, bottle clamps, water distributor, up turn-plate, guide rail, protection cover, spraying device, defrosting tray, rinse water take and rinse water refluxing tank.


Filling Part is mainly composed of filling barrel, filling valves (normal temperature and normal pressure filling), filling pump, bottle hanging device / bottle pedestals, elevating device, liquid indicator, pressure gauge, vacuum pump, etc.


Capping part is mainly composed of capping heads, cap loader (separated), cap unscrambler, cap drop rail, pressure regular, cylinder and also we need an air compressor as the auxiliary external equipment.



Project: 20000BPH Carbonated Drink Production Line

Location: Ghana

Commissioning:Reliable Machinery

Scope: Including


* Fully automatic bottle blowing machine

* Water treatment equipment

* Carbonated Drink Mixing system

* Automatic filling and packing system

The whole production line has been running steadily, and the customer has occupied a great market share in Cambodia. We continue to provide equipment maintenance services. In the near future, this customer expects to be served by Reliable for capacity increase and new production line landing.

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