200ml-2L PET Bottle Water Filling Line

Reliable sincerely presents Global Turn-Key Project for professional solutions on water, mainly used for the Non-Aerated drink such as mineral water, pure water, barrel water, non-gas wine drink and so on. Reliable Machinery 200ml-2L pet bottle water filling production line can ensure accurate and efficient filling, and also ensure that products are conveyed gently and smoothly on the production line. Accumulatively established 200+ countries and regions acorssing Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Regardless of the bottle types or shapes, we can provide powerful, reliable filling solutions with rich technique knowledge and experiences.

Production capacity: 2000-36000BPH based on 500ml bottles 

Bottle type: plastic bottle.

We value customer satisfaction the most! You will always have Reliable Machinery full support in all aspects of the production. We are here to help you build, maintain and improve the performance of the production line.

200ml-2L PET Bottle Water Filling Line

Production Process


Water Treatment System

Water purification system can effectively get rid of muddy organic, iron, manganese and oxide, filter suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of micro-organism and some of height-metal ion in the raw water resource. It can also reduce hardness of water to make it all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state fresh drinking water standards, even standard of healthy mineral water.

Purify Process:

Raw water>Water pump>Silica sand filter>Active carbon filter>Sodium ion exchanger>High pressure pump>Reverse osmosis>Ozone generator>Water tank>Pure water

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Bottle Blowing Machine

Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine is suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, volume from 100 ml to 2000 ml, wide application for blowing water bottles, soda bottles, cola bottles. Bottle shapes are all customized and can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Blowing process:

1) Preform inlet controlling

2) Bottle preform heating controlling

3) Blowing technology controlling

4) Bottle check and outlet

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Filling System

Reliable Machinery ace and top choice, medium & high capacity from 2000BPH to 36000BPH bottled water filling Machine for PET bottles.

Machine integrates the functions of rinsing, filling and capping together. Based on advanced technology overseas and designed according to the filling processing demands of mineral water, pure water, barrel jar water etc.

The main electric and air-drive components are from world famous brand. All control is advanced PLC touch-screen operation and realize people-computer dialogue operation.

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Labeling Machine

It's used for placing labels on bottles after filling process. Have different types for chosen: PVC shrink sleeve label, self adhesive label, OPP hot melt glue label. Free & beautiful label designs and one-stop label purchase service are offered, welcome to inquiry.

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Final Products Film / Case Packing Machine

It can automatically array, aggregate and align PET beverage bottle or other similar articles, then package it with shrinking film or cartons. It’s suitable for final group packing process, such as 12 bottles/pack, 24 bottles/pack and so on. The packaged product is firmly bound with excellent appearance, which can be opened conveniently. Have option of shrink wrapper and case packer.

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Machine body and all pipes are made of stainless steel 304.
The motor for the cap unscrambles is from famous brand instead of simple stirring motor like others.
Strong stainless iron as the door stopper instead of the common magnet to make sure the doors will be safely opened and closed.
Additional High stability handle, exclusive with us.


In order to make sure that the bottles are stably conveyed to the next part of the production line, we side-cover the whole bottle flat conveyor with stainless steel.
The conveyor belt is held by the roller for stable operation.
High quality Water and oil separator from brand AIRTAC.
Our control panel is SIEMENS and the switch is Schneider.


Free bottle shape design.
Fully transparent manufacture progress tracking.
Industry-leading production environment and standard production requirements.
Strict selection of high-quality materials, fine workmanship, long service life.


High-efficiency, energy-saving, economical, safe, environmental-friendly.
Strong production capacity and superb technology. 
Perfect manufacture and quality inspection equipment.
Longer service life and lower machine maintenance costs.
Spare Parts Stock Service and 2 years warranty.



Reliable Client Case -- Tanzania

5 Production Lines: 8000bph small bottle water line & 4000bph carbonated drinks line & 2000bph Gin Wine line & 6L 12L Big Bottle Water Line & 5 Gallon Water Line

The whole production line has been running steadily, and the customer has occupied a great market share in Tanzania. We continue to provide equipment maintenance services. In the near future, this customer expects to be served by Reliable for capacity increase and new production line landing.

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Reliable Service System

High quality service process, create maximum value for you and your factory

Overseas Sales departments& Workshop Visiting

Daily Manufacture Cost-Profit Calculation and Evaluation

Exclusive Product Design and Manufacture Services

Turn-Key project with exclusively designed tailor-made solution

Closely tracking on production progress to make sure machine quality meet manufacturing standard

Installation / training / maintain services with regular production line assessments and maintenance

One-stop purchasing services for raw materials including preforms, caps, glass bottles, PE film, labels, injection pellets, etc.

Spare parts & supporting machines can be delivered on time, quality and durability

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Model CGF8-8-3 CGF12-12-6 CGF18-18-6 CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-8 CGF40-40-10 CGF50-50-12 CGF60-60-15
Capacity 2000BPH 4000 BPH 6000-7000 BPH 10000-12000 BPH 13000-15000 BPH 15000-18000 BPH 20000-22000 BPH 24000-25000 BPH


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