Glass Bottle Wine Filling Line

Reliable Machinery complete glass bottle beer production lines are used for all kinds of wine Red wine, white wine, peach red wine, appetizing wine, meal wine. Accumulatively established 200+ countries and regions across Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Maintain industry leadership for 15 years with patented technology, long-lifetime, rich experience and awsome services! 
A fully connected line helps you optimise performance and make smarter decisions across the lifetime of your line. Our holistic approach supports your need for increased flexibility and efficiency, with minimal waste, quick SKU changeovers and lower environmental costs. Reductions in resource consumption and bottle weight, consistent bottle durability and high efficiency are all achieved through careful packaging design, detailed equipment planning and a flexible line setup.
The wine glass bottle production line mainly includes: Water treatment system, fermentation system, mixing system, glass bottle depalletizer, Washing filling and capping machine, Sterilization tunnel, Drying machine, Inkjet printer, Labeling machine, packaging machine.
Applicable Products: Red wine, white wine, peach red wine, appetizing wine, meal wine.
Type: Glass bottle
Production Capacity: 1000-20000BPH

Production Process


Water Treatment System

Raw water pump (pump resource water)---sand filter (remove crude impurities)--active carbon (absorb organic matter, suspended solids)---precision filter (effectively reduce turbidity)--high pressure pump (press water into the filter membrane) --- RO system (purify the water)--Ozone sterilizer --water tank

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Mixing System

Option 1: Juice mixing

The juice mixing system formulates the production process according to the characteristics of different kinds of juice. According to the formula of the juice beverage, the juice preparation process is designed.


Option 2: Carbonated drink mixing

Syrup melting tank→ Syrup pump→ Syrup filter (to filter impurities)→ Beverage blending tank (mix ingredients with beverage)→ Beverage pump→ Double filter (remove impurities) → CO2 Beverage mixing machine (mix CO2 with beverage)→ Water chiller (bring down temperature for mixing)→ Plate stype heat exchange(lower the temperature)→ Control cabinet. Beer fermentation system is also available.

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Filling System

The filling machine adopts the structure of feeding glass bottles by feeding screw, automatically flushes the bottles, and adopts the principle of lifting and lowering of the filling valve, so that the whole line conveys the bottles smoothly.


The constant pressure filling principle is used for fixed liquid level filling, and the secondary valve opening technology is used to meet the full liquid level filling process requirements.


The rotary cap adjuster adopts pneumatic cap management, which has the functions of not damaging the surface of the cap, sending a signal for the lack of cap in the hopper, and controlling the capping machine to automatically replenish the cap.


Suitable for all kinds of caps even multiple caps option available: crown caps, aluminum screw caps, wooden cork caps and rubber caps, etc.

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Labeling Machine

We offer several different types bottle labeling machine based on your requirement. Machines can be used for PVC sleeve label, self-adhesive label, OPP/BOPP label.

PVC labeling machine:

When a bottle on the conveyor belt passes through the bottle detection eye, the servo-controlled drive group will automatically send a label, and the brushing wheel group will brush the next label, and the label will be sleeved on the bottle.


OPP labeling machine:

It can automatically adjust the in and out transmission of the container. After the container is fixed, the container starts to rotate according to the set way.When the container reaches the detection position of the electric eye, the computer host controls the label feeding system to send the label.


Sticker labeling machine commonly used by glass beer:

After the bottle-separating mechanism separates the products, the sensor detects the passing of the product and sends a signal back to the labeling control system. The control system controls the motor to send out the label and attach it to the position where the product is to be labelled.

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Final Products Case Packing Machine

The bottles are separated into multiple lanes on the conveyor belt, the bottles are grouped and dropped onto the cardboard by the bottle drop break. During bottle drop break and cardboard drop, pass through a set of template blocks and then fold the cardboard into a carton form. The main drive drives the carton forward, and at the same time, the top of the carton is sprayed with glue through the glue spraying break, and the cam breaks again and folds through the top frame, and the top carton is folded on the same top carton to complete the top sticking.

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Empty Glass Bottle De-palletizer

The depalletizer is mainly used in the unloading of glass bottles and cans. The empty cans stacked on the pallet are pushed to the mesh conveyor layer by layer from top to bottom. The unloading of glass bottle is automatically controlled by PLC programmable computer. The depalletizer adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion speed regulation, computer control, and the conveying is stable, smooth and reliable; automatic control technology, mechatronics technology, network technology, computer-controlled automatic operation. The reciprocating cycle automatic stacking meets the set requirements.


Replacing manual tank discharge and traditional empty tank unloader can save a lot of labor and improve production capacity. The programmable computer control system is adopted to improve the accuracy of the mechanical action, and the operation is easy. The pallet lifting table is self-locking and lifting, and the pallet stacking machine adopts cylinder lifting and lowering, and the action is stable..

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Washing, filling ,capping three in one monoblock equipment.
Machine body and all pipes are made of stainless steel 304.
Door and frame are all made of stainless steel 304 combined with nano glass to reduce the chance of glass damage during transportation.
This filling machine equips with compact structure, advanced touch screen and PLC control system and easy to be operated. PLC is Siemens brand, and all other electrical brands are Siemens, Schneider and same level famous brands.


The bottle is blew into the bottle shifting wheel, when the flushing clamp reaches the bottle neck, the jaw will clamp the bottleneck, under the guidance of the rail, the clamp will turn the bottle 180°into an upright position, through second bottle pusher into the filling position.(the whole machine contains 14~40 sets of clamps.
Washing part is mainly composed of washing pump, bottle clamps, water distributor, up turn-plate, guide rail, protection cover, spraying device, defrosting tray, rinse water take and rinse water refluxing tank.


The suspending bottle-neck clamping design make the bottle be stable during the high-speed moving conditions. By changing a few parts, it can meet the need of production and different types of bottles from 200ml to 2 liters easily.
Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, and the power of screw capping can be adjusted. Capping is reliable and do no harm to the caps.
It is convenient to operation and maintenance.


Set red emergency stop button, strengthen security.
Electric box is installed inside of the filling machine, saving more factory space.
Latest conveyor cap loader reduces the occurrence of caps returning.



Project: 5000 Bottles/Hour Glass Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Location: Turkmenistan

Commissioning: Reliable Machinery Team

Scope: Including


* Water treatment equipment

* Automatic filling machine

* Sleeve Labeling machine

* Bottle packing machine

The whole production line has been running steadily, and the customer has occupied a great market share in Turkmenistan. We continue to provide equipment maintenance services. In the near future, this customer expects to be served by Reliable for capacity increase and new production line landing.

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Glass Bottle 200ML-2L

Model CGF-G12-12-1 CGF-G12-12-6 CGF-G18-18-6 CGF-G24-24-8 CGF-G32-32-8 CGF-G40-40-10 CGF-G50-50-12 CGF-G60-60-15
Capacity 2000BPH 2000-3000 BPH 4000-5000 BPH 7000-8000 BPH 10000-12000 BPH 13000-14000 BPH 15000-18000 BPH 18000-20000 BPH
Model CGF8-8-3 CGF12-12-6 CGF18-18-6 CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-8 CGF40-40-10 CGF50-50-12 CGF60-60-15
Capacity 2000BPH 4000 BPH 6000-7000 BPH 10000-12000 BPH 13000-15000 BPH 15000-18000 BPH 20000-22000 BPH 24000-25000 BPH
Model CGF8-8-3 CGF12-12-6 CGF18-18-6 CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-8 CGF40-40-10 CGF50-50-12 CGF60-60-15
Capacity 2000BPH 4000 BPH 6000-7000 BPH 10000-12000 BPH 13000-15000 BPH 15000-18000 BPH 20000-22000 BPH 24000-25000 BPH


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