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Oil Filling Production Line

Liquid edible oils are the most commonly consumed foods throughout the world. Reliable aims to increase product quality with innovative bottling and packaging solutions that perform the best, starting from the supply chain up until the final product. 
We offer a wide range of optimum solutions for our clients with flexible designs brought by PET blow molding technology..
Oil filling line is a filling machine for filling all kinds of oils (such as vegetable oil, animal oil, edible oil, etc.), and can form a filling line with bottling machine, filling machine, sealing machine, capping machine, labeling machine, conveyor, etc.
Can fill bottles ranging from 500 ml up to 2.0 L.
Options suitable for large volume filling such as 5 L - 10 L.
Up to 25000 bottles/hour capacity

oil filling line

Production Process


Oil Bottle Blowing Machine

1. Adopt advanced PLC with stable performance.

2. Automatic conveying of preforms by conveyor.

3. Strong penetration and good and rapid heat distribution by letting the bottles rotate in the infrared preheater on the track at the same time.

4. Highly adjustable, by adjusting the length of the light tube and reflector plate in the preheating zone, the preheater can preheat various shapes of bottle blanks and keep the temperature in the preheater constant by the automatic thermostat.

5. High safety, each mechanical action has a safe automatic locking device, which can make the program turn into a safe state in case of some program failure.

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Oil Filling Machine

The automatic oil filling machine is mainly used for quantitative filling of various oil liquids, such as edible oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, oil, antifreeze and so on. The filling accuracy error is low, and the equipment maintenance is simple. suitable for different viscosity of oil products. Vacuum suction and mechanical anti-trip device.

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Rotary OPP Labeling Machine

1. The system is controlled by Siemens microcomputer, the touch screen directly clicks the menu operation mode, and the parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive. The capacity is up-to 20000bph.

2. By replacing the bottle-feeding screw, star wheel and bottle rack, it can be applied to high-speed labeling of bottles of various specifications.

3. The sensitivity of the label electric eye is adjustable, especially for transparent labels and label backing papers with different light transmittances, which can be distinguished and compared. This machine is used for using the Taiwan touching type of PLC control or knob control. It is made up of photo electricity equipment of Japan OMRON. Synchronization electrical, timing electrical, conveyor belt.

4. The design of mainframe part absorbed label transmit of import machine and solved the unsteady ingredient of homemade common label.

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Tape Type Carton Packaging Machine

After liquid filling, capping bottles and bottle labeling, the carton packing machine as the final step in the chain of manufacturing is products secondary packaging. RELIABLE Machine offers a wide range of automatic bottle carton packing machines for your needs. Using a secondary packing machinery is essential to protect, store, sell your products in retail displays.

1.Realize onetime adjustment of carton height and width, continuous operation.

2.Tape Type packing machine equipped with 2 Omron Motors, high efficiency, sealing smoothly and stably.

3.Whole tape type packing machine with stainless steel and high abrasion resistance, long use life.

4.Equipped with blade guards to avoid accidental stab wounds.

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Oil Palletizers machine

The Automatic Palletizer can put different products in a fixed order and stack them on the pallet automatically. Number of product and layers can be set. easy for the fork moves the full pallet into storehouse. This equipment adopts PLC, touch screen and intelligent managing, which is not only simple and easy to master, but also reducing the labor.

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Machine body and all pipes are made of stainless steel 304.
The motor for the cap unscrambles is from famous brand instead of simple stirring motor like others.
Strong stainless iron as the door stopper instead of the common magnet to make sure the doors will be safely opened and closed.
Additional High stability handle, exclusive with us.


In order to make sure that the bottles are stably conveyed to the next part of the production line, we side-cover the whole bottle flat conveyor with stainless steel.
The conveyor belt is held by the roller for stable operation.
High quality Water and oil separator from brand AIRTAC.
Our control panel is SIEMENS and the switch is Schneider.


The suspending bottle-neck clamping design make the bottle be stable during the high-speed moving conditions. By changing a few parts, it can meet the need of production and different types of bottles from 200ml to 2 liters easily.
Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, and the power of screw capping can be adjusted.
Capping is reliable and do no harm to the caps.
It is convenient to operation and maintenance.


Set red emergency stop button, strengthen security.
Electric box is installed inside of the filling machine, saving more factory space.
External air box is additionally provided, more convenient for observing the air volume outside and more neat.
Air fan is equipped with a filter screen, to filter air impurities first.
Latest conveyor cap loader reduces the occurrence of caps returning.



Project: 8000 Bottles/Hour Oil Filling Production Line

Location: Dubai

Commissioning: Reliable Machinery Team

Scope: Including


* Water treatment equipment

* Automatic filling machine

* Rotary OPP Labeling machine

* Bottle packing machine

The whole production line has been running steadily, and the customer has occupied a great market share in Dubai. We continue to provide equipment maintenance services. In the near future, this customer expects to be served by Reliable for capacity increase and new production line landing.

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