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Demand Analysis

High quality service process, create maximum value for you and your factory

Establish connection & joint hands

Overseas Sales departments & workshop visiting

Reliable Machinery has successfully established overseas sales team covering 100+ countries, covering Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East,   America and Africa. Model factories are available for visit arrangement and inspection.

Also, you are welcomed to visit Chinese factory and office, check the machines and workshop, going through details and signing the contract. Reliable Machinery Forging Quality and Best Price Performance!

Reliable feasibility analysis

Daily Manufacture Cost-Profit Calculation and Evaluation 

Reliable Machinery evaluation team conducts cost-profit calculation exclusively for each client including raw materials as preforms and caps, labels, wrapping film, also factory cost as water, electric, rent and staff.

No matter the scale of the factory, you will have a preliminary understanding of the market and the cost of factory operation before starting in the business.  Reliable promises: best machine wins the perfect business opportunities, assists you to profit easily!

Attention to details & design services

An Exclusively Designed Tailor-Made Solution can make your product quickly occupy the market, thus leading quick profit.

Exclusive Product Design and Manufacture Services:


Free for:

>> Plant Design

>> Label Design

>> Bottle Design

>> Exclusive plant layout design (including wiring/plumbing/drainage) 

Engineer provide professional layout plan design in terms of wiring/plumbing/drainage based on your factory size.Catering to your unique requirements on production lines---Provide Highly Flexible and Credible Customized Services to you.


>>Electric diagrams attached with the machine

We will provide all the electric diagrams and manuals for your future reference including filling machine, labeling machine and packing machine.


Manufacturing Management & Quality Control

On-time delivery with high quality standard

(1)With years of OEM experience and core technology on high quality, high safety machine manufacturing, we Reliable Machinery leads in industry for 15 years as Turn Key Liquid/Beverage Packaging Solution Provider.

(2)15 year experience engineers simulate machine’s actual working to check each spare part’s precision during installation. Thanks to the cooperation with the SGS, CE and ISO, we ensure Reliable machines’ reliability.

Reliable Machinery always keeps the spirit of developmental, innovation, efficiency and safety. Creates the Greatest Value for Customers.

Installation / training / maintain services

(1)Reliable Machinery will send experienced technicians to guide the installation, commissioning and trial production of the equipment. We will adjust the production line to the design capability within the planned time; will establish a specialized after-sales team to serve you and provides engineers with strong knowledge background guarantee and professional issue-resolving solutions.


(2)Free training lessons will be given to the workers you hire in your factory by our qualified technicians. Training content includes equipment structure and maintenance, equipment control and operation, maintenance skills etc. Suitable training for the staff using our systems ensures all machines will be operated and maintained properly.

>> Professional engineer training sessions

>>15-year-experience agent advice on sale techniques

>> After sale service training

>> Market strategy training with Reliable 15 years experience


(3)Maximize availability to achieve reliable production---Regular Production Line Assessments and Maintenance

Maintain the safety and reliable operation of the production lines, according to your specific needs , we will offer the customized maintenance program to ensure the value of equipment throughout the life cycle . Production Line and Technical Upgrades and Improvement.

·Ensure the sustainability and efficiency of production

·Minimize unplanned downtime, shutdown and emergency situations

·Maintain safety standards and final product integrity

Continuous service & customer first

Reliable Machinery adhering to the purpose of personalized upgrade and team service, we continue to innovate to ensure our beverage packaging production solutions have full and excellent performance.

Quickly and economically retrofit machines / Flexible response to current market trends / Safety and quality of production and operation

New technology with new features,keep up with the pace of time’s change, instead of invest in new machines.

By retrofitting or expanding, you can quickly and economically adapt the machine to the latest requirements and development trends.

Experts World-wide 7x24 Services

Available time: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Support: phone call, video remote support and interaction

Assurance: the greatest extent possible round-the-clock service provided by our experts

Service network covering: Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, America and Africa.

From the management department of Reliable Machinery, to the excellent business department, and then to the dedicated after-sales department, each department has clear responsibilities, and each engineer can communicate in fluent English and can communicate at any time without fear of language barriers. We set up your own service hotline and are always ready to serve you.

One-stop purchasing service

Spare parts & supporting machines

All RELIABLE spare parts are designed, tested and evaluated by original suppliers of raw materials, ensuring the same quality with exchanged parts. We built special warehouse for spare parts, especially serving after-sales request, making sure the swift supply of spare parts, vulnerable parts and maintenance parts.

1.Ensure trouble-free plant uptime and higher line performance. Speed is crucial to production, saving you money every minute of uptime. Because of this, you need to spare parts can be delivered on time, quality and durability. As an original equipment manufacturer with 15 years of experience, RELIABLE can deliver the spare parts you need. 

DHL, Fedex, UPS Logistics services to provide the necessary spare parts for all kinds.

2.Supporting machines

Reliable Machinery offers best solutions such as for water/beverage and all kinds of liquid packaging lines and production line assessments services. Reliable Machinery would be a partner who can meet all your needs (one supplier takes care of everything, saves your money and effort, and fully considers all aspects and every step of opening a factory)

One-stop purchasing service

We assist you easily purchase all the raw and auxiliary materials needed for the entire production line, including preforms, caps, glass bottles, PE film, labels, injection pellets, etc with cost price.

Give you the most cost-effective and time-saving sourcing experience.

Reliable Machinery as an industry-leading company and decision-maker, and a trusted partner to our customers, we are proud to continue providing differentiated one-stop purchasing services.

Our Reliable team will assist you from the very beginning of production line to the final product manufacture, and in purchasing all the raw materials needed for the entire production line including preforms, caps, glass bottles, PE film, labels, injection pellets, etc. Give you the most cost-effective and time-saving sourcing solutions.


We are always committed to solving all your doubts and providing one-stop purchasing solutions!


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