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Juice Filling Machine

Juice Production Line

Juice Production Line

Juice Mixing Processing System


Juice Mixing Processing System
Juice Mixing Processing System

It’s a complete system used to produce juice beverages. It contains sugar melting tank,
juice mixing tank, heating and cooling tank, and UHT sterilizer and so on. Depend on your different formulations;
customized machines are available .

  • Homogenizer

  • Double Filter

  • Vacuum Deaerator

  • Blending Tank

  • Heating & Cooling Crock

Beverage Homogenizer

Homogenizer——0.5-10 m3/h

Transmission medium: Liquid (Liquids such as oil, milk, soymilk, juice and so on)

Double Filter

Double Filter

Temperature: ≤100℃

Two filter in turn, to get rid of all kinds of invisible solid foreign substance in fresh milk, sugar juice liquid

Vacuum Deaerator

Vacuum Deaerator——capacity:2-10t/h

It uses vacuum at low temperature to remove the air(oxygen) in milk or fruit juice, restrain browning, prevent pigment, vitamin C, fragrant content and other materials from being oxidized and enhance the quality.

Juice Preparing Tank With Blender

Juice Preparing Tank With Blender


Asepsis Heating And Cooling Crock

Asepsis Heating And Cooling Crock

Volume: 1000L-20000L


UHT Sterilzier System

With such features as high heat recovery, compact and beautiful structure, stable temperature control etc.

Control methods: semi-automatic control, full-automatic control (PLC control, touch screen display)

The system adopts ultra-high temperature processing method, so as to maintain the original nutrition, color and flavor of beverage and   dairy.

Flash Sterilizer 0.5-4T/H

Flash Sterilizer 0.5-4T/H

Sterilizing temperature: 115-135 ℃
Outlet temperature: 65-95℃

PlateType Sterilizer 1-20T/H

PlateType Sterilizer 1-20T/H

Outlet temperature: 5℃

Tubular Type Sterilizer 1-20T/H

Tubular Type Sterilizer 1-20T/H

Technology:30-75℃→140℃(4S、10S、15S)→85-92℃→(40℃)return flow



1000-2000 Circular pipe heating

CIP cleaning device can be used as a non-resolved
production equipment, It can work for acid-washing, alkali washing hot washing as well as the simple operation method full automatic cleaning system. It almost has been uses in all foodstuff, beverage and pharmacy etc.

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Turned-up Bottle Sterilizer

Turned-up Bottle Sterilizer

This kind of sterilizer is that the angle of bottle
overturns to 96°or 110°in the process of transporting bottle,
and then the beverage uses its high temperature(higher than 80℃) after filling to give the caps the final sterilization time can be
adjusted in the scope30-40sec. as the requirement.
Adopting impacted stainless steel chain and enduring high
temperature plastic chain board. With the excellent features of compacted structure, convenient, and saving energy,
this kind of machine is the best choice for tea, fruit juice hot filling cap-sterilizing equipment.

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Juice Filling Machine Components


Juice Filling Mahine

Filling Machine

Juice Filling Mahine Rinsing Parts

Washing Part

Juice Filling Mahine Filling Parts

Filling Part

Juice Filling Mahine Capping Parts

Capping Part

Aspetic Juice Filling Machine Overlook

Aspetic Juice Filling Machine

This machine is consisted of cap sorter and cleaning machine. Caps are fed to sterilization systematically from sorter. Firstly using Ozone water to clean it and then sprayed by pure water or aseptic air, then to capping machine by closed fall-caps guide.

Main characters:

1.High efficient centrifugal sorting caps, less wear to caps.

2.There is cap checking device, automatically control cap elevator.

3.There is also an anti-cap taking out device, when there are anti-caps, it will auto dropped and go back to sorter.
It adopts reliable spraying cleaning way and fully cleaning cap inside and out.


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