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Complete Flavoured Juice Mixing Preparing System Complete Flavoured Juice Mixing Preparing System

This machine adopts recycling water to spraying the bottle , the outlet bottle temperature is about 38 degrees. The chain plate is ABS, adopted the famous USA brand. The conveyor is frequency control. All nozzle and spray tube is made of stainless steel and spray evenly. The spray cooling tunnel has spray cooling recycle water pump and steam adjustment valve. The machine frame and the machine body is stainless steel frame

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  • Model: JMP-3000L
  • Brand: Reliable


1. Syrup melting tank

Function: to preparing the syrup

With 8kw thermal system to heat the production water

Come with 0.55Kw speed-adjustable blending motor  

Tank Size: φ1500*1500mm

Food Grade 304stainless steel construction, fine polish


2. Beverage Pump

Food Grade 304 stainless steel pump


3. Blending tank

Function: Preparing the tea, water together

304 stainless steel construction

In-build thermal system

With blend function, come with 0.55Kw speed-adjustable blending motor


4.Heating and Cooling Crock

Model: LRG

Asepsis heating and cooling crock is a necessary device for heating, cooling, deeping hot and sterilizing scale deposit, and preserving plasm. It has many advantages, such as economization, noise elimination, corrosion-resistance, anticracking, convenience in washing and operation.

Production Capacity: 2000L/h

Quantity: 1set


5. Double heads filter

Function: The Filter is used to filter the melted syrup from the Syrup Melt Tank, after filtration, the melted sugar become clear without any impurity.                      

Working Pressure: <0.2Mpa                   

Size: φ320*700                 

Inlet pipeline diameter: 25

Food Grade 304stainless steel construction, fine polish

CIP pipeline in-build

Vacuum deaerator & Homogenizer

6.Vacuum deaerator

Function: to remove the oxygen in the tea through vacuum method, prevent the juice oxygenation easily; keep the juice in longer term in the bottles

All 304 stainless steel contact part, fine polish, no death corner

CIP sideway pipeline, easy clean

7. Homogenizer

Function: to homogenize and emulsification the juice and the flavor, syrup together, make them in good taste

All 304 stainless steel contact parts, fine polish, no death corner

CIP sideway pipeline, easy clean


8.CIP Cleaning system

Working pressure : M pa normal pressure in tank, in steam pipe 0.30.7Mpa

l Working temperature :In acid and alkaline tank ,water pipe,steam pipe 60138

l Material name: 2%acid and alkaline liquid tank,2%nitric acid, caustic soda liquid, steam pipe, steam

Production features:

CIP cleaning device can be used as a non-resolved production equipment as well as the simple operation method. it almost has been used in all foodstuff, beverage and pharmacy etc.

l make the production plan rationalize and improve the production ability.

l Compare with washing in hand, it not only hasn’t influence the cleaning effect due to different operators, but also can develop the production capacity.

l It can prevent the dangerous while cleaning operation and save the labor strength.

l It can save the cleaning agent steam, water and production cost.

l It can increase the use year limit of the machines parts.

Packaging Details:

  1. The normal package is wooden box.

  2. If export to Europ country, the wooden box will be after fumigated.

  3. If enter container the package is too higher, we may use PE film to wrapping the machine or according customer special request.


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