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Factory Price Complete Juice Plastic Bottle Production Line Factory Price Complete Juice Plastic Bottle Production Line

Factory Price Complete Juice Plastic Bottle Production Line is consisted with bottle blowing machine, 3 in 1 filling machine, labeling machine, film packaging machine and ink jet printer. Customize turn-key project complete line for various capacities based on your requirements. This line is suitable for different kinds of hot filling beverages such as orange juice, apple juice, milk beverage and etc,.

Bottle Specifications:
  • 200ml~2000ml
Production Capacity:
  • 6000~8000BPH
  • 1-2Person
Filling Heads:
  • 18 heads
  • PLC+Touch Screen
Filling Material:
  • Juice
Material :
  • Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Washing+Filling+Capping
Product Name:
  • High Accuracy Complete Juice Hot Filling Production Line
Filling Speed:
  • 6000~8000BPH
Bottle Type:
  • Plastic Bottles
Bottle Shape:
  • Round/ Squre Bottles
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  • Model: CGF18-18-6
  • Brand: Reliable
  • Code: 8422301090

General introduction:

Factory Price Complete Juice Plastic Bottle Production Line is consisted with bottle blowing machine, 3 in 1 filling machine, labeling machine, film packaging machine and ink jet printer. 

Customize turn-key project complete line for various capacities based on your requirements. 

This line is suitable for different kinds of hot filling beverages such as orange juice, apple juice, milk beverage and etc,.

Professional Solution Provider:

Reliable Machinery

--------Professional manufacture company based in China

--------Specializing in one-stop A to Z complete production line of water/beverage and factory construction.

--------Full scale of pre/after-sale services including factory layout design, bottle design and profit calculation.


With over 150 successful customer cases from all over the world and rich experience in complete solutions, we assure you the best customer experience and customization services.

Flow Chart:


  1. Pet bottle blowing machine

  2. Water treatment system

  3. Juice preparing system

  4. Juice filling Machine

  5. shrink sleeve labeling machine

  6. Film pacjaging machine

Please kindly ket us know the following details so that we can make the best recommendation:

1. What beverage you want to produce?

2. What is the capacity of the machine do you expect (how many bottles per hour)?

3. What is the bottle volume(s)?

4. What is the material of the bottles? Is it plastic bottles or glass bottles?

5. Are you interested in sole machine or the whole production line?

Part 1. Full Automatic bottle Blowing Machine

Complete blowing system including auxiliary machines like air compressor, air filter, water chiller , etc...

Suitable for blowing PET bottles of various shapes, from 100 ml to 2000 ml, wide application for blowing mineral water bottles, juice bottles, cola bottles.


Blowing Process

photobank (2).jpg

Step 1. The conveyor takes the preform from preform container to orientation units automatically.


Step 2. Load the preform at neck up to preform holder, and then preform is conveyed into baking tunnel.


Step 3. After heating, preform is conveyed into the blow station, then close the mold, stretch and blow under low pressure and high pressure, exhaust, open the mold.


Step 4. The finished bottle is taken off by automatic discharging system

Part 2. Juice Pre-treatmemt System

--Ingredients Mixing Tank


Usage: For pre-treating the milk or juice beverages, mixing in ingredients, preservatives and other  elements.

mixing system.jpg



1. High temperature insulation materials, anti-aging polyurethane foam or EPE.


2. international standard ISO certificated stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304 interface.


3. Imported sanitary mechanical seals or magnetic stirring sealed stirring device.

--Automatic On-line Cap Sterilizer


Cap Sterilizer consists of the bottle cap lifter, cap sorter and the sterilize host. Cap be taken to the cap sorter sorting order then enter the cap sterilizer, respectively washed with disinfectant spray, sterile water rinse, sterile air drying, through a closed sterile cap rail transport to capping Machine. 


--CIP Cleaning System


The CIP cleaning system includes three parts: Acid, alkali and hot water, and they will clean the juice filling machine one by one.

With CIP system, the juice filling machine can not only fill the juice beverage, it can even fill water.

CIP cleaning systems are generally semi-automatic, and only those with a particularly large output need to be fully automatic


Part 3. 3 in 1 Juice Filling Machine

Monoblock juice tea hot filling machine with functions of fully automatic rinsing, filling and capping PET pastic bottles, is mainly used for juice beverage, ice tea, milk, coconut water, etc.


photobank (5).jpg

detail 1.jpg

Washing Part:

Spring cramps are used in the bottle washing process. The empty bottles can be turned over180~ along the conveying rail. There are two times of internal and external washing.

detail 机器2.jpgFilling Part:

The filling part usually adopts low vacuum filling and hot filling, Also, it has the sensor function, realizes no bottle no filling, can extend the using life of the machines.

detail 机器2.jpg

photobank (3).jpg

detail 2.jpg

photobank (4).jpg

detail 3.jpg

Capping Part:

It also has the sensor function, it is also realizes no bottle no capping. The new cap grabbing par is more faster and stable, and reducing the probability of cover dropping.

Electrical Box:

This is the electrical  box, designed especially for 32 heads liquid filling line, to ensure the safety of the use of electric and the safety of the 


electrical box.jpg

cap sensor .jpg

Cap Sensor:


Used for inducing the caps, to realize that no bottle, 

no capping.

Model Parameters


CGFR 8-8-3

CGFR 12-12-6

CGFR 18-18-6

CGFR 24-24-8

CGFR 32-32-8

CGFR 40-40-10

Rinsing Head








Filling Head








Capping Head








RatedCapacity (500ml)







Overall Size





















Rated Voltage








1.Full filling is to avoid the bottle from sinking after the bottle cooling off, and to decrease the dissolved oxygen to the utmost extent.  

2.Reasonable structured storage hopper and material supply system keep the material in the constant flow speed, constant pressure and without frothing. Usually high position tank is adopted.

3.The storage hopper has the characteristic of gas discharge, full sealing and temperature detecting. In moderate and high speed production line, the material distributor replaces the big liquid tank to realize the complete CIP.  

4.Sanitary filling head system is of umbrella structure, high filling speed.  

5.Perfect filling temperature control system.  

6.Return tank system has the function of supplying the material automatically.

Part 4. 
Ink jet code printer

Fast, reliable, non-contact ink-jet printing machine.

Spray in most objects with online printing of all needed data .These data can be time, date, production code, bar code, the two dimension code, consumption information, or manufacturer's LOGO, product tracking information and other data, and so on.


Inkjet printer can widely used on Drinks, food, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pipes, floor, seeds, lubrication oil and external packaging industry field has been widely used.


Part 5. Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

Suitable for various kinds of bottle type of fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy products, pure water, condiment, beer, sports drinks such as food and beverage for round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curve bottle, cup and so on.


Complete set including sleeve labeling main machine, shrink tunnel and steam generator.


Besides, if your country market is more popular on other label type, we also can offer automatic hot glue OPP labeling machine and adhesive sticker labeling machine as well.


Part 6. Automatic PE Film Packaging Machine


1) Specially designed and manufactured for the high-speed packing requirements of drinks ( purewater, beverage, fruit juice, and milk product)

2) During the product forward converying process, it can automatically group the product into packagem so as to save time and enhance packing efficiency.

3) Touch-screen operating panel with user-friendly interface, and convenient paremeter setup, absolutely an easily- to- operate machine.

4) The ideal model of middle-speed heat-shrinking packager is the first choice in the domestic market.



We Produce High-quality Products Certificated By CE ISO SGS.



--Excellent Customer Experience & Through Pre&After-sale Services



--Cooperation Brands



--Our Services: customized bottle design/ layout plan design

We provide customized bottle design service

Devoted to bring fine one-stop experience to customers


Special-designed factory installation layout

Catering to your unique requirements

Provide the best solution to you


We can make the best recommendations to a new business-starter based on our 15-year’s experience, to assist in designing customized solutions which is the most suitable for you.


--Technological upgrades


To keep our machines and bottling lines very reliable over time, but above all to increase performance, we offer our customers the option of technological upgrades to make their machines as future-proof, efficient and productive as those of the latest generation, as well as providing support to develop state-of-the-art containers.


--Production and engineer Training


Suitable training for the staff using our systems ensures they will be operated properly and will maintain the level of performance stipulated in the contract.


Advanced technology and multimedia training tools, combined with new concept teaching methods, are the fundamental elements used by RELIABLE Customer Service to guarantee proper training for machine operators and maintenance technicians.


-- After Sale Technical Support


In face of Covid-19 situation, we set up specialized group for each customer for after sale installation and adjust which includes engineers and sales to together solve the issues encountered during operation and adjustment. Making sure the machines are well installed for later on production even during special period of time.


--Package and Delivery

Well wrapped with PE film then in wooden case which is according to the immunity standard in China, it suits for long-distance transport, damp proof, rustproof, land way and seaway.


Delivery time: We promise the product you ordered will be delivered 30-45 days after down payment.



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