10000BPH Full automatic Rotary OPP Hot Melting Glue Labeling machine

Suitable for various shapes of bottles, Mainly for OPP material labeling process, widely used in beverage, food, medical, cosmetic industries
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery----- Automatic labeling Machine
√√ Application:round;square; flat; special shaped bottles
√√ Capacity:10000BPH


RELIABLE Rotary OPP labeling machine is suitable for labeling OPP material labels, as the last step of liquid packaging process, it is widely used in beverage, food, chemical and cosmetic industry area. OPP labeling machine adopts modular coating method, which has low rubber consumption and high cost-effective, the principle of the OPP labeling machine is transport the labels by gear and control the system by intelligent system, equipped with label sensor, achieve synchronous matching of labels and bottles, realize labeling process

√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery----- Automatic labeling Machine
√√ Application:round;square; flat; special shaped bottles
√√ Capacity:10000BPH
√√ Warranty:2 Years
√√ Flexible speed adjust from low to high and accurate position ensure
√√ Centralized hot melt adhesive for glue back. No glue residue
√√ Electrical and raw material saving , low glue consumption
√√ PLC control from SIEMENS, high efficiency and no human operation
√√ Automatic slewing system, sensitive tensioning and guiding gear.


1.The hot melting OPP labeling machine adopts PLC control and manual operation, one person operating realize labor saving.  

2.Import advanced PLC control with touchscreen from SIEMENS, precision and good performance of hot melt OPP machine
3.The hot melt OPP labeling machine is capable to label conical bottle with the upgraded dished label station design
4.To ensure accurate position, this OPP hot melting OPP labeling machine equipped with screw adjustment suppressing mechanism
5.Transmission Column ensure label adhesive sticker flat and decrease the failure rate
6. Multipurpose with one machine and strong adaptability of hot melting OPP labeling machine.

7.Compact structure of the hot melt OPP labeling machine help to achieve space saving
8.Flexible operation on matching various shapes of bottles and make sure easy format change of spare parts.

9.Rotary and continuous type of this hot melt OPP labeling machine, make sure high efficiency and high automation



The wheel labeling method is adopted, the  labeling process is realized along the guide rail through label roll conveying, realize accurate label cutting can be multi-dimensional adjustment.

Gear Transmission

Ajustable column can achieve the flexible adjustment of label type, improve the efficiency and make sure accurate label position, imported Germany alignment system ensure labels in same position, improve accuracy and good appearance, sensor detect synchronously.

Label Alignment System

With the knife drum, the machine can ensure the high precision. When the measuring sensor detects the bottle, the label servo will output the label and cut the label according to the designed size.

Knife Drum

Integrated hot melt glue feeding and glue return system, low consumption of raw material and glue using, more enviornmental and sustainability.

Advanced Technology

Technical Parameters

Labeling  data Label length 10-330mm
Bottle diameter 50-106mm
Working Data Glue Temperature 120~160°C
Label material OPP feed roll paper
Machine data Main enginee Power supply AC 3 phase 220-480V
Main enginee Power 6KW
Junction line error ±1.5mm

Max. 10000BPH

Measurement Overall Size 2200*1500*2000mm
Weight 1500KG












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