1500BPH High Speed Carbonated Beverage 3 In 1 Filling Machine for Soft Drinks Flavored Water

Suitable for carbonated soft drinks filling, widely used in the bottles packing on 0.2L-2L small scale bottles,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application:Cola, Sprite, Beer, Flavored water
√√ Capacity:1500BPH
√√ Warranty:2 Years

Brief introduction

Suitable for carbonated soft drinks filling, widely used in the bottles packing on 0.2L-2L small scale bottles,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application:Cola, Sprite, Beer, Flavored water
√√ Capacity:1500BPH
√√ Warranty:2 Years
√√ Intelligent SIEMENS PLC control, realize high automation for machine operating
√√ 3 IN 1 Rinsing, Filling, Capping integration machine, 8-8-3 heads
√√ Bottles transmission clip bottleneck technology & gear system
√√ Compact structure, simplify operation, good performance
√√ Filling valve patent design, ensure CO2 content and average liquid level

Full automatic soft drink filling machine integrate washing, filling, capping in one machine, be suitable for PET, glass bottles. washing part is the first step which is composed of bottle head, an upper disc and guide rail, water can be recycled after washing, can be collected and return to the water treatment system. As the most important part, filling part can achieve 100% accurate for the filling liquid level, all the machine is made by SS304, it brings better quality which is firm and good looking, to make sure soft drink machine operation is accurate, we are using PLC control from SIEMENS and Switches from Schneider.

1.Adopts the way of air supply device and hanging bottle neck, the bottle loading speed is fast and the bottle will not be squeezed.
2.Bottle neck sticking technology is adopted for flushing bottle mouth to avoid contact with thread and make it more hygienic.
3.Adopts advanced man-machine interface operation, PLC control and variable frequency stepless speed regulation. It has the functions of cap supply system, automatic detection of filling temperature.
4.The carbonated soft drink machine is adopted that direct connection between air conveyor and inlet starwheel instead of screw and conveyor chains, which is easier for bottle changing.
5. High-speed filling line is clamp transferring technology. Bottle shapes are more varied, and the working table inside the carbonated soft drink machine is more laconic.
6. This carbonated drink machine equipped with High-temperature alarm of materials, low-temperature shutdown, automatic backflow, no bottle without cap, no bottle waiting, no cap shutdown, etc.
7.High level humanized customization service of  this carbonated soft drink machine is to customize the most suitable products and services for you individually according to your specific needs.
8.Absolute real material and unique design greatly increase the service life of the machine, ensure the stable output of the carbonated  soft drink machine and long-term efficient working ability.

Model CGFD8-8-3
Application carbonated drinks; Flavoured Water etc.
Number of washing, filling and capping headsApplication 8-8-3
Production capacity(500ml) 1500
Filling precision ≤±5mm(liquid level)
Suitable bottle specification Volume=200-2000ml
Diameter φ=50-110
Bottle height H=150 ~350mm=50-110
Bottle type Plastic bottle / PET Bottle
Bottle neck/Cap Style Plastic Screw Cap φ=20-50
Machine material Food stage SS304 OR SS316
Certificates CE / SGS / ISO 9001/CCC

Production Process

Bottle Blower / Water Treatment / 3 in 1 Filling Machine / Labeling
Ink-jet Printer / Packing / Injection Molding Machine

Blowing Machine
Sugar Melting Tank
Mixing Tank
Mixing Tank
Active Carbon Filter
Sand Filter
RO Water Treatment
Filling Machine
Cap Up-loader
Labeling Machine
Bottle Dryer
Film Wrapping Machine

More Details


Washing,filling and capping are integrated in one machine.

3 In 1  Inside Machine

Washing part of carbonated drinks is mainly composed of washing pump, bottle clamps, water distributor, up turn-plate, guide rail, protection cover, spraying device, defrosting tray, rinse water take and rinse water refluxing tank.

Washing part

The Star wheels of filling Part drives the bottles always by the neck through the rinsing, filling and capping steps,it is easily adjust the structure for the operator by our specialized design, the product bowl is to reduce the loss of heat. temperature protecting is to control the valve, if temperature is lower than the seting value, machine will auto-stop and return the water to the recycle tank.

Filling part

Capping part of carbonated drinks is mainly composed of capping heads, cap loader (separated), cap unscrambler, cap drop rail, pressure regular, cylinder and also we need an air compressor as the auxiliary external equipment.

Capping part

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