4000BPH Glass Bottle Carbonated Beverage 3 In 1 Filling Machine for Soft Drinks Flavored Water

Suitable for carbonated soft drinks filling, widely used in the glass bottles packing on 0.2L-2L small scale bottles,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application:Cola, Sprite, Beer, Flavored water
√√ Capacity:4000BPH Warranty:2 Years

Brief introduction


    With the change of the times, people are more and more fond of the carbonated drinking. The variety of carbonated beverage is also ever changing. New trend, new products and new packaging are emerging continuously. 
Reliable Complete Glass Carbonated filling line for Cola, Sprite, Soda, speaking water, cocktail, flavored water... Etc. The main electric and gas transmission parts are made of Siemens, Omron and other world famous brands. Is small and medium-sized beverage factory ideal equipment. Cumulatively, it has established more than 200 countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Maintain industry leadership for 15 years with patented technology, long-lifetime, rich experience and awesome services! 
Glass bottle gas beverage production line mainly includes: water treatment system, syrup gas mixing system, stripping palletizer, cleaning filling and capping machine, dryer, inkjet printer, labeling machine, carton packing machine.

Bottle type: glass bottle



Data Parameter


Model CGFD 12-12-6
Application Carbonated drinks; Flavoured Water etc.
Number of washing, filling and capping headsApplication 12-12-6
Production capacity(500ml) 4000
Filling precision ≤±5mm(liquid level)
Suitable bottle specification Volume=200-2000ml
Diameter φ=50-110
Bottle height H=150 ~350mm=50-110
Bottle type Glass Bottle
Bottle neck/Cap Style Plastic Screw Cap φ=20-50
Machine material Food stage SS304 OR SS316
Certificates CE / SGS / ISO 9001/CCC


Carbonated Drinks Production Line













Production Process

Bottle Blower / Water Treatment / 3 in 1 Filling Machine / Labeling
Ink-jet Printer / Packing / Injection Molding Machine

Blowing Machine
Sugar Melting Tank
Mixing Tank
Mixing Tank
Active Carbon Filter
Sand Filter
RO Water Treatment
Filling Machine
Cap Up-loader
Labeling Machine
Bottle Dryer
Film Wrapping Machine





Water Treatment System


  Water purification system can effectively get rid of muddy organic, iron, manganese and oxide, filter suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of micro-organism and some of height-metal ion in the raw water resource. It can also reduce hardness of water to make it all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state fresh drinking water standards, even standard of healthy mineral water.

Carbonated Soft Drink Mixing System


  Carbonated beverages are mainly composed of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. The syrup is made through sugar melting pots and mixing tanks. After filtering, it is pumped into the syrup tank in the carbonated beverage mixer. At the same time, the sterilized product water is also pumped into the beverage mixer. The water tank is vacuum degassed to facilitate the mixing of carbon dioxide. Through the proportioning system on the beverage mixer, the water and syrup are mixed in proportion to achieve the desired taste. Under the action of controlling the appropriate pressure, the carbon dioxide is dissolved into the material. , it can be made into carbonated beverages with ideal air-locking capacity.

Glass Bottle Carbonated Drink 3-In-1 Machine


1.The filling machine adopts the structure of feeding glass bottles by feeding screw, automatically flushes the bottles, and adopts the principle of lifting and lowering of the filling valve, so that the whole line conveys the bottles smoothly.
2.The constant pressure filling principle is used for fixed liquid level filling, and the secondary valve opening technology is used to meet the full liquid level filling process requirements.
3.The rotary cap adjuster adopts pneumatic cap management, which has the functions of not damaging the surface of the cap, sending a signal for the lack of cap in the hopper, and controlling the capping machine to automatically replenish the cap.

Labeling Machine


  Our linear type labeling machine can automatically attach OPP labels to bottes or cans. It is widely suitable for labels and containers made in different types of material. So, this machine can easily meet the requirements for those users who has many kinds of containers. It is the most economical models in terms of cost, productivity, and failure rate. 

Package System


  Bottle are separated to multi channel at conveyor, and then group by bottle separate fracture evenly. Bottle are grouped , then drop to cardboard via bottle drop fracture. At drop fracture with bottle and cardboard fall procedure, via one group of form block board, then card board fold to carton form. Via main drive with carton move forward, at the same time, via glue spray fracture to finish carton top glue spray, again the cam fracture via top ledge fold, at the same top carton fold to finish top sticking. Carton move forwarder, again via glue spray fracture to finish carton side glue spray, and via side pressure and carton press fracture to finish carton finally form and sticking, and via main drive let carton move forwarder to conveyor.












    For your better experience, we can assist you easily purchase all the raw and auxiliary materials needed for the entire production line, including preforms, caps, glass bottles, PE film, labels, injection pellets, etc. At the same time, we can also assist you to purchase the equipment required by the factory, such as forklifts, cables, generators, boilers, air compressors and so on. We have suppliers whom we have cooperated for many years, can give you the most cost-effective sourcing experience.




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