6 Cavities 6000BPH Full Automatic Olive Oil Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

Suitable for all shapes of PET plastic bottles,widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic Blowing Machine
√√ Application:200ml-2L
√√ Capacity:6000BPH

Brief Introduction

The bottle blowing machine professionally produced by Reliable Machinery has a lot of advantages。 For example:

1. Adopt touch-type color HMI system, easy to operate

2. Bottle outlet system is able to add a linking unit which can connect with conveyor system and transmit finished bottles directly to the rear process

3. Unique machine combination design facilitates performs mechanically fed or manually inserted by labors, maximize machine’s superiority

4. Adopt sliding block conveyor structure, preforms in group of matrix move into heating tunnels. Ruby lamps scientifically calculate infrared wavelength to ensure preforms heated evenly and save electric consumption up to 40%

Suitable for oil bottles, carbonated drink bottles, gas beverage bottles, pure water bottles, mineral water bottles, juice beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, large diameter bottles, high temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers of any shape.

Produce bottle type is from 200ml to 2000ml . These blow molding machines are convenient and fast, have large molding capacity and are widely used in many industries.

Advantages of RM-6000D plastic blow molding machine

1. With advanced PLC control system, the performance is stable and outstanding.
2. Automatic feeding of conveyor belt.
3. The heat penetration is strong and the preform receives even heat with self-rotating during the preheating process.
4. This series of bottle blowing equipment is highly adaptable. By adjusting the distance between the lamp tube and the reflector, the preform can fully absorb heat. Equipped with an automatic constant temperature device, the temperature can be maintained within a certain range.
5. There is a safety locking device during each mechanical action to protect the operator's safety.
6. Use air cylinder instead of hydraulic cylinder, less pollution and low noise.
7. Use different air pressure for blowing and machine operation, energy saving and environmental protection.
8. Equipped with high pressure and double crank connecting rod clamping to provide high clamping force.
9. with automatic and manual operation.
10. Safe, reliable and unique valve position design makes the blowing process easier to control.
11. The blowing machine has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, and advanced automatic process.
12. Avoid contamination of the bottle.
13. Protection of low temperature cooling system.
14. Easy to install and start.
15. Low scrap rate.


Suitable for all shapes of PET plastic bottles,widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic Blowing Machine
√√ Application:200ml-2L
√√ Capacity:6000BPH
√√ Warranty:2 years
√√ Imported SIEMENS PLC Control, auto load preform
√√ Low cost, high efficiency; easier operation; fixable; advanced technique process
√√ Independent construction design shorten the blowing process
√√ Flexible function change between automatic and semi-automatic blowing machine
√√ Servo transfer system, accurate position, high speed, stable and reliable


The cast-molded clamping table not only has high durability and small deformation, but also improves the stability of the machine. Engineering software analyzes and optimizes the clamping system to ensure fast movement and superior rigidity. Clamping unit with high pressure compensation design guarantees perfect final PET bottle quality.


The double cylinder stretching unit is standard equipment of the machine, which ensures fast stretching and long stretching distance. Linear slides make the stretching action smoother and faster.


The patented preform separation unit ensures the compatibility of the machine for bottles of different specifications, and at the same time helps the machine to improve the production speed of blowing.


The advanced air circulation heating design can keep the temperature accurate and uniform, which is the key to the production of high-quality plastic bottles. In a specially-designed oven, the lamps can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical position, ensuring that the drying tunnel can accommodate preforms of various sizes.


Technical Parameters

Type RM-6000  
Output According to bottle type 6000PCS/H@500ml
Product specification Bottle diameter 20mm-100mm
Bottle height 50mm-350mm
Bottle mouth diameter 15mm-38mm
Mold Cavities 4cavities
Mold thickness 200mm
Mold effective area 500*500mm
Main power Power 380v   3Phase    / 220v   3Phase 50/60HZ
Install power/actual power 49kw/10kw
Air source Low pressure air compressor 1.2m3/min 1.0MPa
High pressure air compressor 2.4m3/min 3.0MPa
Cold dry machine 2.0m3/min 3.0MPa 1set
Cooling water Cooling water quantity 15L/min
Main machine size Length width height/weight 3700*2150*2150mm/5500kg
Preform loader size Length width height/weight 2350*1350*2650mm/550kg


Application Range


RELIABLE Design Case


Process Flow Chart



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