8000BPH Monoblock PET Bottle Bottled Water Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

Suitable for water filling, widely used in the bottles packing on 0.2L-2L small scale bottles,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application:Pure water, Mineral water
√√ Capacity:8000BPH Warranty:2 Years

Brief introduction

Full automatic water filling machine for PET bottle is mainly used for all kinds of machine filling. It can conduct the filling process into different kinds of bottles on one machine and can also be used for the other water filling.It belongs to Rotary type. The production volume ranges from 200-2000ml.

This machine has washer,filler,capper three functions in one body, it is automatic in total process and suitable for PET bottled water without gas.The total machine uses advanced photoelectric detection technology to detect each parts operation status, no bottle no filling, and no bottle no capping, automatic and easy operation.

Suitable for water filling, widely used in the bottles packing on 0.2L-2L small scale bottles,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application:Pure water, Mineral water
√√ Capacity:8000BPH Warranty:2 Years
√√ 3 IN 1 Rinsing, Filling, Capping integration machine, 18-18-6 heads
√√ Intelligent SIEMENS PLC control and interface screen, automatic easy operation
√√ Sufficient lubrication, frequency convertor control realize stepless speed regulation
√√ Gear open combination transmission, high efficiency, low noise, long use life
√√ High productivity machine for speed adjust, fixable, less space need


Washing,filling and capping are integrated in one machine.

3 In 1  Inside Machine

Washing part: It is mainly composed of a bottle head, an upper disc and a guide rail. The bottle head rotates with the upper disc, and the bottle neck clamp is used to clamp the filling bottleneck, and the rail is flipped by one hundred and eighty degrees, rinsed and dripped, then flip 180°.

Washing part

Filling part :It mainly consists of water tank, filling valve, guide rail and card bottle lifting device. The No. 2 card bottle plate is fed into the filling machine, the bottle bottle plate is filled to hold the bottle neck, rotates with the water tank, etc., and the filling valve is opened by sliding on the guide bar according to the guide rail, and the filling valve is lowered after the filling is completed. Filling valve, filling valve closes by itself. The bottle is sent out of the filling machine with the No. 3 card bottle.

Filling part

Capping part:The capping mechanism is composed of three parts: a capper, a capping machine and a capper. The bottle is fed by the No. 3 card bottle plate, the card cover is completed, and the cap plate is sent out by the No. 4 card bottle plate.

Capping part

Technical Parameters

Model CGFA 18-18-6
Application Water mineral,pure water,non-carbonated drinks etc.
Number of washing, filling and capping headsApplication 18-18-6
Production capacity(500ml) 6000-8000
Filling precision ≤±5mm(liquid level)
Suitable bottle specification Volume=200-2000ml
Diameter φ=50-110
Bottle height H=150 ~350mm=50-110
Bottle type Plastic bottle / PET Bottle
Bottle neck/Cap Style Plastic Screw Cap φ=20-50
Machine material Food stage SS304 OR SS316
Certificates CE / SGS / ISO 9001/CCC



No 1. PLC & Touch Screen

Controlled by PLC and touch Screewn. The brand of the switch is Autonics, and all other electrical brands are Siemens and Schneider.
The electric box is inside the filling machine, saving the factory space.
An external air box is additionally provided, which is convenient for observing the air volume outside and more neat.


No 2. Flat Conveyor with motor

Bottles that have finished capping will be transported by the bottle pusher to the conveyor belt.

It's controlled by the bottle belts and main machine or the equipment up and down to make the bottle no falling, no stuck and no stocking. 




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Protein Drinks

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