9000BPH Fully servo high-speed blow molding machine With Energy-saving With 6 Cavity

Suitable for all shapes of PET plastic bottles,widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-----Automatic Blowing Machine
√√ Application:0.2-2L
√√ Capacity:9000BPH

Brieft Introduction

9000BPH Fully servo high-speed blow molding machine With Energy-saving With New and High Technology

Reliable Automatic High Speed plastic pet bottle blowing machine is successfully developed and researched by our company by absorbing the most advanced bottle producing technology in the world. It’s mainly made of hopper, elevating system, lining device, ion air blow dust, oven and mainframe, electrical controlling system and pneumatic controlling system.


                                                                                    Beverage Bottle                                                               Food and Daily Chemical Bottle                                                                              

                                                 Juice Bottles/ Oil Bottles/ CSD Bottles/                           Food Oil Bottles/ Cosmetic Bottles/ Medicine Bottles
                                                           Water Bottle/ Coffee Bottles                                                               

Advantages of RM-6 plastic blow molding machine

1.The servo motor is adopted to drive the molding mechanism, triggering off a bottom mold linkage as well.

The whole mechanism works speedy, accurately, stably, flexibly, as well as energy saving and environmental protection.

2.The servo motor drive stepping and stretching system, greatly improve blowing speed, flexibility and accuracy.

3.The constant heating system ensures the heating temperature of each preform surface and internal is uniform.

Heating oven can be overturned, easy for infrared tubes be replaced and maintained.

4.Positioning installation to the molds, makes it possible for changing molds easily within 30 minutes.

5.Be equipped the cooling system to the preform neck, ensures the preform neck does not deform during heating and blowing.

6.The man-machine interface with high automation and easy to operate, compact size for occupying a small area.

7.This series is widely used in making PET bottles, such as drinking, bottling water, carbonated soft drink, medium temperature drink, milk, edible oil, foodstuff, pharmacy, daily chemical, etc.




Preform are heated by infrared lamps which make the preform stretching more equably and higher transparency. With the help of imported reflective mirror aluminum plate, the heat energy of lamps are took full advantage of; heating time is shorter ; lower power consumption and improving the production capacity. The temperature of each lamp of every layer can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward individuality according to different preforms. Intelligent ventilation system keeps the oven temperature inside constantly. 

Intelligent Heating System

Our blow molders are high intelligence, easy operation. Chinese-English language color touch screen, with perfect monitoring sense setting, troubleshooting display, auto calculating report, memory store etc. function. You can control the machine production situation all the time.

HMI Operation System

Preform are divided equidistance by servo motor. The stroke and speed of servo motor are easy adjusted through the HMI. All complicated process are done by digitization, safe, fast and accurate. Compare with the traditional server-ways preform-divided, cylinder type preform-divided etc, the servo motor control one-way preform-divided, speed is more faster and position is more accurate.

Servo Preform-divided System

Fully-automatic preform-unscrambled and preform-loading structure, which no only achieve faster and high-efficient preform-unscrambled and preform-loading, but also improving the stability of the whole machine running process. There is a sensor installed in the preform down-track, when the preform track lack of preform, the preform will be delivered into the preform-unscrambled system from the hopper automatically. And the one-way preform-inserted design can solve the preform-blocked and preform abrasion problem.


High Efficient Preform Supply System

Technical Parameters

Type RM-6  
Main Machine Maximum Bottle capacity 750ml(6 cavities); 1500ml(3 cavities)
Maxmum Bottle diameter

68mm(6 cavities)

120mm(3 cavities)

Neck Diameter 18mm-38mm
Maximum bottle height under neck 330mm
Maximum preform height under neck 130mm
Clamping stroke 140mm
Bottle die stroke 50mm
Bottle pitch

76.2mm(6 cavities)

152.4mm(3 cavities)

Maximum output rate(bph) 9600(0.5L); 3600(1.5L)
Number of molds 6;3
Heating Part Number of heating modules 4
Number of heating lamps 48
Number of preform bases 108
Electric Part Voltage  380V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Service Power  30-50Kw/h
Installation Power 75Kw
Air Source Low Presure 1Mpa
Low Pressure air consumption 2m³/min
High Pressure 3.5Mpa
High Pressue air consumption  6m³/min
Chilled water (water temperature ≤18℃) Pressure 2-4bar
Flux 9m³/h
Weight G.W. Around 8,000KG
Dimension Main Machine(LxWxH) 4500x2400x2300mm
Preform unscrambler 2800x2800x3000mm



Auxiliary machine introduction:


Water Chiller                                                                                  High Pressure air compressor

Application Range

Our bottle blowing machine can produce all different kinds of bottles like square bottles,flat bottes and so on. and it usually suitable for water bottles,juice bottles, carbonated drinks bottles,oil bottles and so on.


Process Flow Chart

Preform→Preform storing parts→Preform heating(temperature adjustment) →(Pull stretch→Blow air→ Release Air→ Blow pin and mouth at same time→Close the blow mouth→Forming)→Finished


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