Full Automatic Cola Beer Carbonated Drink Can filing Seaming Machine

Suitable for carbonated soft drinks filling, widely used in the bottles packing on different material of cans, such as plastic, iron, aluminum and so on ,and the different size of cans is allowed,
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery-- Automatic Filling Machine
√√ Application:Beer, Cola, Energy drinks and Soda water
√√ Capacity:500-18000BPH based on 330ml cans Warranty:2 Years

Brief introduction


CSD Can Filling Line is used for filling carbonated beverage in cans , such as beer, cola, energy drinks and soda water. This can filling line can be used for different material of cans, such as plastic, iron, aluminum and so on ,and the different size of cans is allowed.The production capacity is variable frequency speed regulation, which ensures the beauty and hygiene requirements of the whole machine. To improve the vacuum in the tank, steam ejector can be equipped according to customer's requirements, and remote monitoring system can be equipped to ensure maximum technical support to customers. This equipment is used in the production of medium and large-scale production.



Whole Can Filling Line Process


①Water Treatment System ②Mixing System ③Can De-palletizer ④Can Twist Rinser ⑤Can Filling & Seaming Machine

⑥Spray Cooling &Warming Tunnel ⑦Blow Dryer⑧Code Printer ⑨Half-tray Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

Water Treatment System

Water purification system can effectively get rid of muddy organic, iron, manganese and oxide, filter suspended substance, colloid, remained oxygen of micro-organism and some of height-metal ion in the raw water resource. It can also reduce hardness of water to make it all specifications of the water quality fully meet the state fresh drinking water standards, even standard of healthy mineral water.

Mixing System

Carbonated drink mixing
Carbonated beverages are mainly composed of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. The syrup is made through sugar melting pots and mixing tanks. After filtering, it is pumped into the syrup tank in the carbonated beverage mixer. At the same time, the sterilized product water is also pumped into the beverage mixer. The water tank is vacuum degassed to facilitate the mixing of carbon dioxide.

Can De-palletizer

Can depalletizer is used to automatically unload the cans onto the conveying belt and has been applied to beer and beverage industries . The main parts include can conveying platform, pallet conveying and storing structure and crib transfering roller.
It lifts the empty cans stacked on the pallet from bottom to top and pushes them to the conveying chain. 
Pallets of empty cans are placed onto the lift of the depalletizer, and are sent up to the conveying platform. Then empty cans are depalletized and conveyed to the can twist rinser.
Can Twist Rinser

The can twist rinse system links the depalletiser to the canning machine. The cans, through gravity, complete a full 360° turn enabling the water rinse system or ionised air (optional extra) to clean the interior of the cans as they descend through the twist. This process is vital to ensure any debris from the manufacturing process or during storage is removed prior to filling.
Can Filing and Sealing Machine 

 The 2 in 1 can filler and sealer is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology introducing from abroad and is with international advanced level. It is mainly used for filling carbonated containing drink in tin cans, such as water, juice, soda water ,soft drink,sparkling water and so on. The filling way is isobaric filling. It adopts the automatic PLC touch screen control system, and the speed can be regulated forever as customer requirements within the scope.
Spray Cooling & Warming Tunnel 

The Warming, Pasteurizing & Cooling Tunnel is being manufactured to provide a suitable thermal process to comply with beverage processing requirements and to achieve optimum product quality, lasting shelf life and appearance of your filled product.
Can Blow Drying Machine

After the filled cans are passed through the dryer, hot air is used to ensure that the cans are dry.
Code Laser Printer

The cans pass through the can twist conveyor, they will be twisted up and down, so that the codes can be printed onto the bottom of the cans.
As the cans passing by on the twist conveyor, the coding machine will print date information on the can bottom. After coded by the printer, the cans will go through another can twist conveyor, so that the cans can be turned around back to be the right standing position.
Half-tray Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

Put the package directly on the chain plate for transportation, and the package passing through the sealing and tangent line is pressed by the pressing device set above to prevent it from falling. After the ejection cylinder exits, the film sealing cylinder and the film cutting cylinder work at the same time to complete the film sealing. After the filming is completed, the package enters the shrink furnace to shrink. After the packaging has been shrunk, it enters the auxiliary rack, and is stacked after the cooling device is installed at the end.

Technical Parameter For Can Filling Machine (Rotary Type)

Model   GD-12-4 GD-18-4    GD-24-6 GD-30-6
Capacity (500ml/can/min) 80-120 120-150 150-250 240-300
Can apply to high(mm) 65-190mm(Special height can be customized)
Filling temperature 0-4℃
Motor power(kw) 5.5 6.5 7.8 8.5
Overall dimensions(mm) 2800*1600*2000 3000*1700*2000 3200*1800*2000 3500*1950*2000
Weight(kg) 3000 4000 4800 5200

Technical Parameter For The Whole Line

Material: Shape: Volume: Filling level: Bottle diameter:
PET/Aluminum CAN Cylinder 100-1000ml Liquid level: ±1mm Liquid level: ±1mm
Adjustable specifications of the bottle type Bottle Height:80-150mm
Customers need to buy additional change-over parts for the different bottles.
Filling machine have bottle separating system
Container Label
& Control Mode
Packaging system Palletizing system
Hot Melt Roll-Fed
PVC Shrink Label
Full Label/ Half Label
OPP labeling
Manual / Automatic
Packing system Min,Spec.6-30 piece/Min Manual
Low position gantry palletizer
Robot Palletizer
High position gantry palletizer
Single Arm Palletizer
Manual Palletizer
Manual Film shrinker/
Wrap Around
Carton Packing
1*2 1*4
2*3 2*4 2*5 2*6
3*4 3*5 3*6
4*4 4*5 4*6
User Ambient Conditions Temperature:-15~50ºC;Humidity:No dew/Filling temperature10-85ºC
User Electrical Supply Specification Voltage: 220V/380V415V/480V±5%, 3phase;
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ±1%





Machine Details & Advantages
Filling Advantages: 
1.Suitable for filling of carbonated drinks 
2.Hygienic design 
3.Extremely fast and precise filling by means of Electro-Volumetric system with electromagnetic flow meters. 
4.Filling temperature up to 14°C for CSD depending on product specifications 
5.Adjustment of timings for pressurizing, filling, settling and snifting phases for different products 
No snift gas discharge outside. Snift discharge is collected in a manifold for cleaner and silent operation
1.The electronic system provides flexibility in determining pressurization, filling, settling and degassing times.
2.Measurement of the liquid volumes to be filled in the cans via a flowmeter allows more precise filling levels.
3.The "fixed can, moving valve" system, which operates with a cam mechanism, ensures that the extremely sensitive cans meet and center the valve in a proper way without being deformed.
4.Central lubrication fixing situated in a single point in the machine provides easy lubrication.
The colorful wide touch screen panel provides ease of operation.
Auxiliary Equipment:
Liquid Level Detection Machine  
As the carbonated drinks pass through the machine, they will be scanned and checked with X-rays. When any canned drink is detected non-qualified according to the preset standard parameter, the machine will flick the unqualified can off the conveyor belt. 
Internal Pressure Check Machine
Pressure detector detects internal pressure of filled cans with nitrogen dosing drinks or carbonated drinks. It could detect the products quickly and eliminate unqualified ones and provide audible and visual alarm. While continuous unqualified products appear and eliminate happens, user knows there is something wrong with the preceding machines, the user could stop the preceding machines to reduce the loss.


Can Production Line Layout Drawing

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