High Speed Heat Shrink Tunnel Sleeve Labeling Machine For Bottle / Jar / Can

Suitable for various shapes of bottles, Mainly for label shrinking process, widely used in beverage, food, medical, cosmetic industries.
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery----- Automatic labeling Machine
√√ Application:round;square; flat; special shaped bottles
√√ Capacity:12000BPH Warranty:2 Years

Brief Introduction

The shrink sleeve labeling machine professionally produced by Reliable Machinery has advantages of high speed, good quality, high efficiency, better price performance and simple operation. The labeling machine is used in drinks, beverages, dairy products, cosmetics, condiments, drugs, health products, chemicals, candy toys, sewing thread, tape, electronic products and other industries. It is also suitable for round,square,flat,cup,conical,special-shaped bottles. The machine is easy to operate and the capacity can be maximum 12000BPH. These shrink sleeve labeling machines are convenient and fast, have large molding capacity and are widely used in many industries.

Suitable for various shapes of bottles, Mainly for label shrinking process, widely used in beverage, food, medical, cosmetic industries.
√√ Brand: Reliable Machinery----- Automatic labeling Machine
√√ Application:round;square; flat; special shaped bottles
√√ Capacity:12000BPH Warranty:2 Years
√√ Cut table adjustable, patent design for the double head knife, smoother operation
√√ Double center positioning platform, simplify the operation process
√√ Synchronous bottle splitter, bottle splitting screw is adopted, transport more stable
√√ PLC control from SIEMENS, accurate position ensure
√√ Servo motor drive, high speed and less consumption

Advantages of Reliable Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

1. The new cutter of our Reliable machine is designed to be driven by servo motor, with high speed, stable and accurate action, flat incision and beautiful shrinkage. It is combined with the label synchronous positioning mechanism, the accuracy of incision positioning is as high as 1mm.

2.Our Reliable Labeling machine has reasonably optimize the PLC program and add photoelectric delay, card mark, high mark and other functions.

3. Mechanical transmission belts of our Reliable labeling machine are imported products with higher wear resistance and longer life.

4. Frequency converter, servo motor, servo driver and other electrical of our Reliable labeling machine are imported brands.

5. The bottle separation screw, positioning belt and conveying chain plate of our Reliable labeling machine adopt synchronous adjustment mode, and the speed adjustment is simple and fast.

6. Simple central guide post positioning of our Reliable labeling machine makes it easier to change specifications, easier for operators to use, and easy to understand and learn.

7. The frame, unit, screws and other stainless steel parts of our Reliable labeling machine are made of SUS304, which is more durable.


Items Data
Model SLM-150
Label Length ≤35-250mm
Label Thickness 0.035-0.08mm
Label Material PVC/PET/PP/OPS
Bottle Height 150-320mm
Bottle Diameter 28-120mm
Capacity Max. 12000BPH
Power Supply 220V/380V/40V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 2900*1200*2000mm
Weight 1000KG



Shrink sleeves are typically made from materials such as PVC, PET, or Polyolefin. These materials have the ability to shrink when exposed to heat, allowing the label to conform tightly to the contours of the product or container. Before application, the shrink sleeves are prepared by printing the desired graphics, product information, and branding elements onto the flat film. The printed sleeves are then cut into individual labels or a continuous roll, depending on the machine configuration.




Working Principle

The shrink sleeve labeling machine uses a combination of heat, conveyor systems, and specialized applicators to apply the sleeves onto the products or containers. The process typically involves the following steps: a. Sleeve Dispensing: The machine dispenses individual sleeves or a continuous roll of sleeves. b. Sleeve Placement: The sleeves are positioned around the product or container using mechanical guides or sensors. c. Heat Application: Heat is applied to the sleeves using heat tunnels or steam tunnels, which causes the sleeves to shrink and conform tightly to the shape of the product or container. 

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Not only our own production of machinery and equipment, as long as customers need, we can help customers purchase any goods they want one-stop, help customers to compare the price of multiple suppliers, help customers to check the quality of goods.

Raw Materials & Processing Equipment

All raw materials are in line with international production standards, only high-quality raw materials can make perfect machines; the company's production and processing center is equipped with precision processing equipment,such as shearing machine, bending machine, boring machine, milling machine and laser cutter. 

After-sales Service

Reliable Machinery do not do one-time business, we wish to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship with customers, accompany our customers to grow up together, so no matter the maintenance of the machines or the supply of spare parts, do not worry about any after-sales problem.

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The engineers of Reliable Machinery have more than 10 years of experience in installation and commissioning, and they help our customers install water and beverage production lines around the world every year. Engineers will go to your factory for on-the-spot inspections, use their professional knowledge to give free training to your workers, ensure that your production line can be put into production quickly, to make sure your workers can be familiar with the operation of all machinery, which will also help your factory to make profit to the greatest extent.


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From the issuance of the production notice, all machine production will receive strict supervision and quality control. Of course, meeting the delivery date of customers is also our constant pursuit. Once the machine has passed the customer's acceptance, we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible according to the customer's request, so as to ensure that the customer can receive our machine in the first time. Even during the epidemic, we have never delayed the production schedule, and customers have always praised our delivery speed.


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