Semi Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Suitable for various shapes of bottles, Mainly for label shrinking process, widely used in beverage, food, medical, cosmetic industries.
√√ Application:round;square; flat; special shaped bottles
√√ Capacity:max 9000BPH
√√ Warranty:2 Years

Brief introduction

Semi-auto shrink sleeve label Machine is suitable for various shapes of bottle like round, square, flat bottle and special-urve bottle. High and stable mechanical structure of the whole shrink sleeve labeling machine with stainless steel protection box cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, adopts the water-proof design with the convenience of easy operation and low maintenance., solid doesn't rust. Exclusive design :reciprocating cutting knives, adopt high technic, rigid body movements smoothly.


Technical Parameters

Model RM610
Application Juice,beverage,non-carbonated drinks,tea drinks etc.
Production capacity(500ml) 9000 bph
Suitable bottle specification Volume=100-1500ml
Diameter φ=50-100
Bottle height H=150 ~350mm=50-110
Bottle type PET bottle / Glass Bottle 
Machine material Food stage SS304 OR SS316
Steam Temperature 170°C
Efficiency Up To 98%
Dimension 680*600*1060mm
Weight 130KG
Certificates CE / SGS / ISO 9001/CCC


Steam Pipes

This machine adopts international advanced technology, cover the circle label on the PET bottle/cans/jar, and then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.

High Strength Fan

The machinery part adopts combination designing of modularization, and makes the machine reasonable. The height adjustment adopts motor fluctuating, it is convenient to replace the material. The special cutter head designing, make the film-rolling cut more exactly and reliably.

Control Valve

Suitable for various kinds of bottle type of fruit juice, tea beverage, dairy products, pure water, condiment, beer, sports drinks such as food and beverage.

Gear Transmission

The standard position precision is high, and shrinkage can highlight the perfect shape of bottle. High and stable mechanical structure of the whole machine adopts stainless steel protection box cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, solid doesn't rust.

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