Ghana Plant Installation for Integrated Water and Carbonated Drink Production

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Reliable Machinery brings customers professional equipment, excellent experience, and high-quality service. Provided and launched 12000 BPH Water & 6000 BPH Carbonated Drink production line in Ghana.

We dedicated to turnkey project, be responsible for the whole process, factory construction, install, testing, production --- creating values for customers to realize production, and leveling the road to making profit.

Production Line

Integrated Water & Beverage plant: 12000 BPH Water & 6000 BPH Carbonated Drink

Client Factory

Turn-Key Water Plant in Ghana


Blowing Machine, Water Purifier System, Bottle Filling Machine, Carbonated Drink Mixing System,

Labeling Machine, Packing line, including all Spare Parts

Project Mode

Turn-Key Project from the very beginning of factory construction


In Total 5*40HQ ; Destination Port TEMA

Client intention

Profit from a comprehensive production line

Core Philosophy

Do our best to meet customer needs and help customers achieve production and profitability

Our Purpose

Reliable Machinery's mission: Help clients establish ideal factories.

Meet customer expectations, exceed industry standards, and focus on increasing value for customers


1.Joint Hands & Reliable Feasibility Analysis

Reliable Machinery Sales Team joint hands with client after professional feasibility analysis. In December 2018, on the basis of profit for both parties, we met with customers and conducted in-depth talks as well as finalized contract items and amounts. We are committed to meeting all the needs of customers for custom factory, creating exclusive corporate value and increasing revenue for customers.


2.Integrated Design Services

After 6 months, we have successfully completed the manufacture and testing of all machines. We will conduct real-time and regular production monitoring, carry out high-quality and efficient production planning, and strictly follow customers' customized requirements.

Reliable Pursues Excellence in Designs --- Integrated bottle shape, layout plan, label, pipeline design.

Layout Plan Design

Bottle Shape Design --- New Quantum Technology


3.Delicate Manufacture Tracking & Delivery

In June 2019, we finally finished the packing and shipping of all the machines in 5 * 40HQ containers, and all the equipment will finally be shipped to TEMA, GHANA for unloading and land transportation. Customers will receive our updates and arrangements as soon as possible. 

Blowing Machine, Water Purifier System, Bottle Filling Machine, Carbonated Drink Mixing System, Labeling Machine, Packing machine.

Close Tracking Report

Bill of Lading


4.First Time Commission --- Installation & Testing

Reliable Machinery dispatched professional Chinese engineers to carry out the initial installation and commissioning task between August and September 2019. With the cooperation of our customers, we debugged all water production line in a short period of time so that they can be put into production and sales immediately, helping customers to return to the market faster. cost and profit. Customers are very satisfied with our loyal service and warm attitude.


5.Second Time Commission --- Consolidate & Optimize Production Lines

Since the customer is very satisfied with the quality of Reliable Machinery production machines, for the consideration of expanding the production line, the customer wants to expand from a water line to a multi-functional production line that produces carbonated beverages at the same time, we once again provided the customer with a high-quality carbonated drink production line. During June-July 2021, we again sent two other professional engineers from our office in Dubai to Ghana for in-depth commissioning activities. With our unremitting efforts, we have successfully helped our customers to stabilize the output and assisted in purchasing a batch of spare parts for smooth production and marketing for at least two years. We and our customers have witnessed the growth of both of us.


6.Third Time Commission --- Line Assessment & Upgrading

During December 2021, Reliable Machinery were asked to carry out the third commissioning activity for the needs of our customers again. The main purpose of this commissioning is to comprehensively evaluate all production lines for water and CSD prouction and make adjustments and upgrades. With the latest technology and procedures in China, we have upgraded the customized production line for our customers, and have achieved historic breakthroughs in output, operational quality and stability!

Continuous service and customer satisfaction are the eternal pursuit of all from Reliable Machinery.

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