Reliable Machinery Integrated Tanzania Water Turn-key Project

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Reliable Machinery brings customers professional equipment, excellent experience, and high-quality service. Provided and launched 8000bph small bottle water line & 4000bph carbonated drinks line & 2000bph Gin Wine line & 6L 12L Big Bottle Water Line & 5 Gallon Water Line in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

We dedicated to turnkey project, be responsible for the whole process, factory construction, install, testing, production --- creating values for customers to realize production, and leveling the road to making profit.

Production Line

5 Production Lines: 8000bph small bottle water line & 4000bph carbonated drinks line & 2000bph Gin Wine line & 6L 12L Big Bottle Water Line & 5 Gallon Water Line

To increase product diversification in market for brand expansion purpose

With two years being put into production, the client is planning a new plant in another location for the next stage of market expansion

Client Factory

Five Lines Integrated Beverage Drinks Plant in Dar es salaam , Tanzania


Blowing Machine / Water Purifier System / Bottle Filling Machine / Labeling Machine / packing Line / All Spare parts / hand truck / Generators

Project Mode

Turn-Key Project from the very beginning of factory construction


We shipped In Total 7 * 40HQ in July 2020; Destination Port Dar es salaam Tanzania

Client intention

To set up a typical beverage plant in Dar es salaam, to increase the local employment rate and profit

Core Philosophy

Do our best to meet customer needs and help customers achieve production and profitability

Our Purpose

Reliable Machinery’s mission: Help clients establish ideal factories

Meet customer expectations, exceed industry standards, and focus on increasing value for customers


1.Establish Connection & Joint Hands on Integrated Water Beverage CSD Production Line

This is a real case for our Tanzania clients from an idea to a real integratd water and beverage filling plant!

The first inquiry came in 2019: an idea for a water production plant.

After realizing client's request, we immediately discussed with Reliable technical group to make a all-around proposal plan for client. After several months communication, clients took a flight with his technical team from Tanzania to China for visiting us.


2.Client Visiting & Reliable Feasibility Analysis & Sign Contract on Turn-key Production Line

We build up mutual trust and fine cooperation relatioship with the client when receiving them as honorable guests to visit our plant of Reliable Machinery.


3.Attention to Details & Integrated Design Services

Our experienced engineer has explained carefully from the beginning to the end procedure of how our machines performed during the water production line and beverage filling machines. Clients are very satisfied with our professional explanation. We got on really well with each other during those days and based a very good trustful relationship with Reliable Machinery.

After clients went back to Tanzania, we immediately signed the contract and began to start as a team working. In several moths, the comprehensive water and beverage production factory has been built up.

8000bph small bottle line & 6L 12L Big Bottle Line & 5 Gallon Line

4000bph Carbonated Drinks Line

2000bph Gin Wine Line



4.Bottle shape design & Label design

We repeated discussed on the bottles deigns, label designs and some more detailed parts during the project until we found the best design. Reliable Machinery and client together settled every issue in process.


5.Manufacturing Tracking & Quality Control


6.Testing & Client Inspection & Delivery

Reliable Machinery conducted through testing and inspection quality procedures on all the machines including Blowing Machine / Water Purifier System / Bottle Filling Machine / Labeling Machine / packing Line / All Spare parts / hand truck / Generators. And finally pack and deliver them to Tanzania.


7.Site Debugging & Complete Installation

After several months of through communication and negotiation, RELIABLE Machinery took responsibility for delivering the total 6 production lines ordered by the customer separate in 4 containers by sea, to the Port of DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania in June 2020.

After the machine arrived at the factory site prepared by the customer, we immediately proceeded to the installation supporting work. Due to the impact of the corona virus epidemic at the end of 2020, we started with video guidance and online debugging to help client side install the entire plant based on the plant design layout and correctly place the water filling line and beverage production line.

After the epidemic eased, we sent professional engineers affiliated to Reliable Machinery. From January to May 2021, the engineers have been dedicated to professionalism and to help the site complete the commissioning of all 5 production lines.

The Tanzanian after-sales team was specially established by Reliable Machinery after-sales department which for the whole time, serves client wholeheartedly during the commissioning period, and provides engineers with strong knowledge background guarantee and professional issue-resolving solutions.


Adjusting 2000BPH semi automatic blowing machine heating part and ready for production.

OPP labeling machine was successfully done after careful parameter settingsaccording to the label size.

100BPH 5 gallon filling machine filling nozzles


Reorganization for the conveyor in 500BPH 6L big bottle

automatic filling line to get a right labeling sequence

Sticker labeling machine debugging and adjust to product


Resolve the issue of low gas pressure and low liquid level, making

the final product qualified for regular production


8.Customer Positive Feedback

In Jan. 2022, under the increasingly severe situation of the epidemic, Reliable Machinery once again sent engineers to help client with machine testing, debugging and training, which successfully made the water production line and carbonated drink production line run more smoothly and greatly improved the production capacity. Reliable Machinery is committed to meeting client needs and to serve and improve client satisfaction to the greatest extent possible.

Reliable Machinery always puts the needs of a client first. It is this quality that makes us possess an excellent reputation in the industry, and lead many old clients place order again.

We Reliable Machinery will always be committed to tailoring the most suitable business plan for each client with loyal attitude and thoughtful service!



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