Reliable Machinery Launched PET and Glass Bottling Line in Turkmenistan

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Reliable Machinery brings customers professional equipment, excellent experience, and high-quality service. Provided and launched 4000 BPH PET bottle & 4000 BPH Glass Bottle in ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN.

We dedicated to turnkey project, be responsible for the whole process, factory construction, install, testing, production --- creating values for customers to realize production, and leveling the road to making profit.

Production Line

Carbonated Drinks Plant: 4000 BPH PET bottle & 4000 BPH Glass Bottle

Client Factory

Turn-Key Carbonated Drinks Plant in ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN


Blowing Machine, Water Purifier System, Bottle Filling Machine,

Labeling Machine, Packing line, including all Spare Parts

Project Mode

Turn-Key Project from the very beginning of factory construction


In Total 2*40HQ + 1*20GP ; Destination Country TURKMENISTAN

Client intention

To solve drinking water problem in the tropics, to increase the local employment rate and profit

Core Philosophy

Do our best to meet customer needs and help customers achieve production and profitability

Our Purpose

Reliable Machinery's mission: Help clients establish ideal factories.

Meet customer expectations, exceed industry standards, and focus on increasing value for customers


1.Establish Connection & Joint Hands for Carbonated Drink Production Line

Reliable and client firstly made contact in October, 2018 with the client to understand the demands and requirements, and to conduct exclusive analysis and discussion on the project for both PET bottle CSD and glass bottling sparkling drink production line, during which we established the mutual trust.


2.Client Visiting & Reliable Feasibility Analysis & Sign Contract

Client visit us in China in 2018 → Evaluation team with cost-profit analysis → Customer great satisfaction with the analysis results → Sign the contract → Arrange advance payment

----- On-site inspection and in-depth communication reinforce trust and understanding between us.


3.Attention to Details & Integrated Design Services

Reliable Pursues Excellence in Designs --- Integrated bottle shape, layout plan, label, pipeline design for most popular carbonated drink bottles.

Factory Construction & Layout Plan Design

Bottle Shape Design --- New Quantum Technology
Logo & Label Design & Raw Material Sourcing


4.Manufacture Tracking & Quality Control

Each equipment is custom manufactured on the basis of customer’s factory voltage and bottle sizes, production under the supervision of the quality inspection department, strictly guarantee the quality of each machine including Blowing Machine, Water Purifier System, Bottle Filling Machine, Labeling Machine, Packing line.


5.Testing & Client Inspection & Delivery

From production to machine connection and testing, to customer on-site inspection, to packaging and delivery, Reliable Machinery carry out quality control in the whole process, strictly guarantee the quality on carbonated drink production lines.


6.Customer Positive Feedback & continuous after-sale services

In the case of receiving positive feedback from customers, we still insist on following up on the production. Customized production planning and production line upgrade services for customers. In order to ensure the normal operation of the production line, we have been continuing to provide professional after-sales service to give customers the best experience with Reliable Machinery.

Reliable Machinery always puts the needs of a client first. It is this quality that makes us possess an excellent reputation in the industry, and lead many old clients place order again.

We Reliable Machinery will always be committed to tailoring the most suitable business plan for each client with loyal attitude and thoughtful service!


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