3 Benefits of Mineral Bottle Water for Drinking and Cooking

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I am sure that you must have a similar experience. Sometimes the cooked rice is too soft and rotten, and you have no taste when you eat it; sometimes the rice is too hard, like it is raw and hard to swallow; The rice is not fragrant and even has a bitter and astringent taste. Some people have said that it is a problem with the rice cooker and rice. If you buy an expensive rice cooker and good rice, the cooked rice must be different.

But have you ever thought that there might be a water problem?

In countries where tap water is classified as hard water.  It's especially important to use bottled mineral water to cook and make tea/coffee. If you still need more reasons, let me tell you why.

Benefit 1: Make your food & drinks tastier

Tap water contains substances such as sodium chloride and sodium hypochlorite, which give the tap water a "raw water" taste. Cooking rice directly with tap water will destroy the taste of the rice, mineral water is more suitable for entering the rice and makes the rice taste sweeter and more elastic. Bottled Mineral Water removes all the unnecessary contents and retains only the healthy minerals that your taste buds like. So, when you use purified water in cooking tea, coffee or any other drink, it enhances the taste of the beverage.

Benefit 2: Improve your food texture with brighten colors

Rice, noodles and beans do not have much flavor on their own. As a result, the water used in cooking these foods is so much more important. For example, if the water smells like rotten eggs, your noodles might taste the same. Likewise, brown rice or red beans may lose color due to minerals in hard or unfiltered water.

Broccoli, carrots, green beans and so many other vegetables are vibrant and crunchy before being cooked. So, why do they sometimes taste flimsy and dull after? Poor water quality could be the issue.

However, fear not. Bottled mineral water will help keep your produce fresh throughout the cooking process.

water filling line

Benefit 3: Improves water drinking habit

Drinking more and more water is beneficial for your health and skin. However, an odd taste can restrict you from drinking the necessary amount every day. On the other hand, you can enhance your drinking capacity with bottled mineral water. The bottled mineral water tastes better, which allows you to have more every time you drink.

So, now that you know the importance of using bottled mineral water for drinking and cooking. You must be curious about how this bottled mineral water is produced. It is Automatic Water Filling Production Line, Reliable Machinery is one of the earliest companies engaged in manufacturing liquid filling and packing equipment in China.

Automatic Bottled Mineral Water Production Line: ①Water Treatment System → ② PET Bottle Blowing Machine → ③ 3 in 1 Rotary Water Filling System → ④ Bottle Dryer → ⑤ Labeling Machine →⑥→ PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

Application: Pure Mineral Water Filling / CSD Filling / Juice Filling / Wine Filling / Beer Filling with plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans.

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