Tight Schedule of Loading Activities in Post-Epidemic Era

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Over time, China is gradually transitioning from the epidemic era to the post-epidemic era. The post-epidemic era has put forward new requirements for our Reliable Machinery's production, tracking and delivery. How is Reliable Machinery facing new challenges? What adjustments and changes have Reliable Machinery made to improve and progress? Please follow me as below:

The impact of the epidemic on the industry

Changes in supply and demand are new challenges

In the post-epidemic era, almost all industries are changing from "insufficient supply" to "insufficient demand".

Sea freight increase

I believe that everyone who has some understanding of this industry has witnessed it. In recent months and even the past whole year, although the increase rate for sea freight has been shrinking, it is still generally at a very high price.

Difficulty in booking vessels

Our Reliable Machinery is located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province. Due to the epidemic in Shanghai, many of our goods that were originally scheduled to leave Shanghai port in the near future had to find other ways. The small local seaport is also facing a shortage of containers and difficulties in booking space.

Inventory pressure surged

The high shipping costs and the difficulty of booking space made our Reliable Machinery factory overcrowded with machines (including blow molding machines, water treatment systems, filling machines, labeling machines, PE film shrink packing machines, and carton packing machines). The entire industry has gradually changed from "insufficient inventory" to "inventory pressure". International water, land, and air freight routes are shrinking, resulting in untimely transportation, products cannot be delivered to customers smoothly, and many companies face the risk of the product backlog.

Loading and delivery process under the epidemic-Reliable Machinery

  • Apply for trailer use online
  • Report to the local relevant department in the delivery area by telephone
  • Go to the local community of the place of shipment for shipment registration
  • Acquiring a bayonet pass for expressway intersections with enterprise whitelist qualifications


  • The container trailer driver must not leave the cab at all times
  • Alcohol spray disinfection by professional protective personnel before and after loading

However, even facing the above difficulties, Reliable Machinery is still unafraid of challenges and still forges ahead. In order to get our customers to their purchased machines as quickly as possible, our factories have been actively manufacturing and loading deliveries under pressure and difficulty, as tight and frequent shipping schedules keep the production and loading departments very busy.

In this post-epidemic era, we all need to carry forward to a better future. Reliable Machinery always serves our VIP customers with great service and the best machines!


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