Burundi Customer’s Visiting Reliable Factory

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On August 26, 2022, the hot weather could not stop the customer’s enthusiasm to come to visit Reliable team and see the machinery on the site of Reliable Machinery factory.

It was a customer from Burundi. The communication in the early stage has been very smooth and pleasant. The customer then purchased a water line with model 18-18-6 with an output of 8000BPH, aiming to build up a first-class local bottled water producer in Burundi. The customer planned to come to China to visit us. Although the customer himself could not come to China in person due to the epidemic situation, it was fortunate that his son was studying in China, so this visit was facilitated finally.

Reliable Machinery has always been committed to creating the most complete and sustainable bottled water production line for customers, and provides a full range of after-sales services. For this customer who is starting up the business, our services can cover all the questions and issues that may be encountered in the production process.

Reliable Machinery's workshop is stocked with filling machines of different capacities, as well as blow molding machines/water treatment systems/labeling machines/film wrapping machines and etc., all made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, easy operation and guaranteed quality. Under the guidance and explanation of Reliable Machinery's technicians and sales staff, Customers not only have knowledge of the overall process of the machine, but also feel very satisfied and assured of the quality of the machine.

In order to implement various matters of machine procurement, we signed the contract with the customer directly on site with video conference lively, and successfully started the project. Reliable Machinery will also make persistent efforts to produce the best quality machines and provide the most considerate service for the customer, so as to help them to make rapid profits in local business in Burundi, and also lay a solid foundation for the expansion of Reliable Machinery brand in Burundi.

If you also want to visit or inspect our factory, please feel free to contact us, we are always by your side.


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