Fruit Juice Production Using Juice Filling Machine

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Vegetable and fruit juice comprises diverse nutrients that are beneficial to the human body especially vitamin C. These nutrients have the ability to inhibit arteriosclerosis, increases immunity and anti-aging.


They are a common drink available in stores. Examples include pineapple, orange, grape, apple, carrot, and guava juice. However, most of the nutritional values are sometimes destroyed during packaging. That is why a juice filling machine is important in any beverage industry.


However, buying a quality juice filling machine from professional manufacture will guarantee optimal performance.


Process Involves in fruit juice production

Fruit juice with pulp basic process and principle of their making are coarsely the same.


The production process of fruit juice includes the pretreatment of raw fruit material, extraction of fruit, clearing up and filtration, deoxidization, homogenization, concentration, packaging, ingredient adjustment, and sterilization.

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Collection of raw fruit materials

1. Raw fruit material must have a pleasant aroma and flavor. It must possess a stable color and temperate acidity. During processing and storage, the raw fruit material should maintain outstanding qualities.


2. The juice is easy to take and rich and the extraction level of the extract is extraordinary.


3. The fruit must be new, fresh, and not bad.

Juice extraction

1. The main reason for blending or crushing is to improve the yield.


2. The fruit to be extracted is pretreated by adding pectinase or heating before squeezing.


3. A different method of extraction is adopted depending on the structure of juice of the part of the fruit tissue or nature. Each method is selected to give a quality product.


It is important to note that most juices are in the whole fruit. So special attention and care are required to be carefully crushed and surged.


Pomegranates and Citrus are made up of thick peels, however, it is recommended to extract the juice one after the other or peel off before extracting. However, the quality and the yields of your juice depend on the maturity or variety of the fruit you extracted or the processing season.

Clarification of fruit

1. Regular clearing up.

2. Gel tannin clearing up.

3. Enzymatic clearing up.

4. Frozen clarification.

5. Heat and reheating condensation clearing up.

juice filling machine

Degassing and Homogenization of fruit juice

Homogenization is a process of blending the juice particle to be even and be free of cloudiness. It is an important step in the production meant for glass container packaging, tinplate produces are rarely used. Freezing conserved the juice. Note, concentrated juice does not need homogeneous.


Degassing is another important step in the production of juice because there is the presence of oxygen in the juice that can lead to the oxidation of vitamin C. this might destroy one of the main nutrients in the drink. The presence of oxygen in the drink may also affect the taste, aroma, or color, thereby making it have an offensive odor. It is well noticed during heating. However, nitrogen exchange and vacuum degassing methods are employed.

The modification and partying of acid and sugar

A proper quantity of acid and sugar is added to the fresh juice to improve and retain the quality of the juice.

The concentration of the juice

The following method of concentration is usually used during the production of juice.  These include vacuum, freeze, aromatics recovery, and reverse osmosis concentration.

Pasteurization and packing of the juice

· The pasteurization process is necessary to inhibit the presence of microorganisms that may lead to the fermentation of the fruit juice with time.


· High temperature is the popular method employed and it must be carried out in a short while.  This is the method recommended during packaging by a juice filling machine.


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