On China's Doctor's Day Reliable Reminds You To Stay Safe During Epidemic

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Just want to share with you a piece of cool facts: August 19th is China's doctor's day. This day established in 2016, was meant to reflect the care and affirmation for all medical personnel in China.


In 2020, when COVID-19 pneumonia broke out, most of medical workers sacrificed themselves to Hubei and rushed to the front and make full use to care for the patients.


Reliable Machinery Co., Ltd, as a leading beverage manufacturer in the industry, has contributed as a donating party. During the severe epidemic period, the water plant which use our company's production lines such as water filling machine, water treatment, labeling machine and film wrapping machine continuously produced all kinds of bottle drinks, which sent warmth to the areas with serious epidemic.


Reliable Machinery is based on the working principle of innovation, quality first, customer first, integrity, teamwork and effective communication. Even in the backdrop of COVID-19's repeated influence abroad, we gratefully received orders from honored clients and we still guarantee delivery overboard every single week.


In these turbulent times, We will always be here with you. Due to the special period, we provide activities such as reducing the deposit, flexible delivery date and free choice of delivery method.  please don't worry. We will provide you with services within our ability.


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