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RELIABLE force international beverage machinery market ,booster Carton Fair

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RELIABLE force international beverage machinery market ,booster Carton Fair

  The 123rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly opened in Guangzhou Exhibition Hall on April 15th. As a “barometer” and “vane indicator” of China’s foreign trade, the Canton Fair attracts merchants from more than 200 countries and regions in the world to gather in Guangzhou each year to exchange business information and promote friendship. This is known as “China's first exhibition”

As a fully-expanded overseas machinery manufacturing enterprise, Zhangjiagang RELIABLE Machinery Co., Ltd. will bring its beverage filling products to this event. Our booth number is 1.1C53. In addition, we also have professional sales technicians who will introduce the entire production process at the exhibition and also have the latest machine running videos for your reference.

As China's leading supplier of beverage machinery manufacturers, RELIABLE has been paying attention to the improvement of product quality and technology for more than ten years. At present, the company's full range of products meet the CE, IGS and ISO9001 quality management system certification. More than ten years of hard work, the company's efforts in the beverage machinery industry has been unanimously recognized by the community, we have been improving, never stopped.


Our manager is introducing our product to foreigner friend.


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