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When we mention after-sales service, besides the on-site installation and testing of the machinery, there is another point that every customer pays great attention to, that is, the supporting procurement service of spare parts. High-quality and timely service parts are critical to the survival and progress of a plant. Reliable Machinery insists on providing continuous spare parts service for our customers because what we sell and rely on is not only the quality production line machine, but also our corporate culture of serving customers.

Old customers who are familiar with our Reliable Machinery know that we have sufficient spare parts in stock. As long as the customer sends us the list of spare parts, we will check and distribute the items to the customer as soon as possible, and deliver them within a week, which can ensure that our customers can receive it as soon as possible, so as not to delay production work. All spare parts are from the original, and the subsequent parts are one-to-one with reference to the quality and brand at the time of factory production to ensure compatibility and subsequent commissioning.

High-quality and timely spare parts services are enough to prove our excellent performance in continuous after-sales service. Whether you are a new customer or a customer who has purchased many times, we will customize exclusive after-sales planning for you without discrimination to escort your production.

These are spare parts prepared for our customers in Ethiopia. Motor for bottle blowing machine, air cylinder for PE Film wrapping machine, cooling fan for packaging tunnel, capping heads, guide rod for filling machine and so forth. Check the list carefully, mark the numbers, pack in carton and shockproof with foam paper, and the convenient international express service ensures that customers can receive the goods in about 5 working days with air freight.

Reliable Machinery can proudly say: "Our after-sales service is the best!"

If you also need spare parts, we can also serve you wholeheartedly, just need you to provide the corresponding details and photos, etc., we can provide you with the most cost-effective original set of spare parts. Welcome to contact!


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