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The Application of the Filling Machinery

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Part 1、The brief introduction to the filling machinery

There are many kinds of filling machines, different things need different types of the filling machines.

The Atmospherical Pressure Filling Machinery: this kind of filling process is carried out by the weight of the liquid under atmospheric pressure. This kind of filling machine is divided into two types: the timing filling and the constant volume filling. It is only suitable for filling low-viscosity, non-gas liquid like water, milk, wine and so on.


The Pressure Filling Machinery: It is filled at the pressure which is higher than the atmospheric pressure, and can also be divided into two types: one is that the pressure in the liquid storage tank is equal to the pressure in the bottle, and it is filled by the weight of the liquid flowing into the bottle, which is called isobaric filling. The other is that the pressure in the liquid storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference. This method is mainly used in high-speed production lines. The pressure filling is suitable for filling liquid with gas, such like beer, soda drinks and champagne.


Injection plug Filling Machinery:

This type is used widely in medicine, food, daily chemical, oil, pesticide and other special industries. It can fill all kinds of pasta products and liquid like disinfectant, hand sanitizer and so on.


Part 2. The details about Reliable Machinery Corporation Cases


RELIABLE MACHINERY can provide all kinds of automatic filling machine. Such as the Water Bottling Equipment, Juice drink Bottling Equipment, carbonated drink bottling equipment , energy drink bottling equipment, wine, beer, flavored water and so on. The range of production capacity is from 500 to 22000 bottles per hour.  


Also, Reliable Machinery has set up the good business relationship and friendship with

our customers from many countries, such as Nigeria, Thailand, Ethiopia, Saudi Arab,Bangladesh, and so on. Our water filling equipment is the most popular product in these countries.

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Part 3、The service that Reliable Machinery supplies.

The quality of products that Reliable Machinery supplies are always excellent, if you choose Reliable Machinery, it means you choose the assurance and promise.

At the same time, we will also provide you with the overall before-sales service and after-sales service.

Before order service:

1. We will design the quotas according to your requires for you.


2. We can send you some our machine running videos similar to your products.


3. If you want to visit China,we can pick you up at the airport near our city.


After order service:

1. We will start to make machine,and take some picture by 10 days of our production process.


2.Our engineer can design the layout according to your requirement.


3.We will supply commission service if customer need.



After-sales service

1.We will testing machine ,and take some video and picture to you if u not come to china inspect machine.


2.After testing machine we will packing machine ,and delievery container on time.


3.We can send our engineer to you country help you install and testing machine.we can training you technical until they can running machine independent.


4.Our company will give you all machine with 2 years guarantee.in 2 years you can get all spare parts free from us.we can send you by express.


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