Trend 3 --- in packaging water industry! Hot!

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Trend Three in packaging water industry! Hot!

Trend 3: Customized

Compared with ordinary drinking water, the company's exclusive customized drinking water has more than one display of relevant information of the company. From a bottle of customized water, it can display the company's brand image and culture, which is conducive to the company's future brand development.

Enterprises can customize bottled drinking water, can effectively enhance the corporate brand image, which greatly reduces the promotion cost of the company and provides a favorable guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. To provide customers with more reliable, more secure quality services.

More and more first-line brands have begun to love the commemorative bottle. Since 2007, the French natural mineral water brand Evian has launched a limited-edition commemorative bottle for ten years. In 2007, when Lacroix first designed water bottles for Evian, the design community was still disapproving, but soon this expensive and beautiful water bottle became a hot spot. In the following decade, Evian mineral water frequently and cross-border cooperation in fashion circles, Every year, high-end fashion brands launch a well-designed limited-edition commemorative bottle.





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