Type of Valve & Working Principle

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Type of Valve & Working Principle


  Valve control function is to rely on the drive mechanism or fluid to drive the hoist up and down, slipping, swing or rotary motion to change the size of the flow area to achievement.

  Valves are used for a wide range of purposes. They are closely related to people's daily life. For example, faucets for water pipes and pressure reducing valves for liquefied petroleum gas are all valves. Valves are also indispensable components for various mechanical equipment such as internal combustion engines, steam engines, compressors, pumps, pneumatic transmissions, hydraulic transmissions, vehicles, ships and aircraft.

  Valves by using the function can be divided into shut-off valve, control valve, check valve, divert valve, safety valve, multi-purpose valve six categories.

4        5    Shut-off valve

  Shut-off valve is mainly used to cut off the fluid path, including the cut-off valve, gate valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve diaphragm valve, pinch valve, etc ; regulating valve is mainly used to regulate fluid pressure, flow, etc.,

including regulating valve, Pressure reducing valve and float valve, etc ; check valve is used to stop the reverse flow of fluid;

  Diverter valve is used to distribute the passage of the fluid, or separate the two-phase fluid, including the slide valve, multi-way valve, steam trap and row Air valve, etc .;

  Safety valve is mainly used for safety protection to prevent damage to the boiler, pressure vessel or pipe due to overpressure;

   Multi-purpose valve is a valve with more than one function, such as the end of the check valve can play a role in both flow and start Back to function.

6     7

              control valve                                  check valve


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