Water filling machine plays an important role in Bottled Water Industry

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Water is a drink that everyone knows about and everyone is consuming it throughout their lives. Since the beginning of the time, people were trying to keep the drinking water at their fingertips and store it for later usage. They were trying to store drinking water in the best possible way and so many people researched the possibilities. First people made a different kind of vessels to transport and store the water and they kept improving them as their experience become larger.

History of bottle filling


It was with the knowledge about the health benefits of spa waters that real urge for containers that can store water and help it be distributed to a large audience that those researches succeeded. First bottles for widespread use were manufactured. It was as early as 1621 that first water bottling occurs. It was in United Kingdom at a Holy Well. Bottled water came into great popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries when awareness of mineral water benefits rose and water from healing springs in spa centers was bottled and distributed. The first bottled water was filled manually in a poor hygiene environment, but the industry was launched. Since the demand for bottled water increased, new technologies were introduced. Nowadays there are water filling machines that can fill thousands of bottles within minutes in perfect sanitary conditions and equally distributed in every bottle they fill. The modern industry wouldn't be able to function without them.

water filling machine

Sanitary issues resolved by the mechanization of the industry

The early history of humankind is filled with germs and viruses that took lives without any hope they could be saved. The early bottle filling industry didn't even know about germs and viruses in the way we know of them today. Still, as the water filling machine developed and new researches were conducted to help people keep their health, there was awareness that bottled water is much safer than water from water supply systems and that drinking bottled water can help prevent spreading such dreadful disease as cholera and typhoid. With the rise of the awareness of hygiene importance, new technologies were introduced into the water bottling industry. Water filling machine of today is made to prevent any contamination of drinking water, keeping it clean and safe for usage. Such machine provides perfect hygiene and minimizes any risk of non-sterile conditions.


The early drinking water industry was all manual. Bottles were filled by hand with lots of material waste and only approximately with the correct amount of water. Bottles were also washed manually and manually prepared for filling. Since lots of material was wasted, the whole process was very expensive and it required a lot of employees to fulfill the demands of an ever grooving market. First water filling machines were introduced into the industry and they were operated manually. Nowadays water machines used for water filling are automatic, and very precise when filling the bottles. The same amount of water is distributed in every single bottle to reach the required standards.

water filling machine

Automatization of a bottle filling process

Since the bottled water market grew at an incredible rate, the need for automatization was obvious. The new industry of machines needed for the water bottling process manufacturers was formed. Today, the whole process is automatized and there are machines for every part of it. There are bottle cleaning machines, bottle filling machines, bottle capping machines, labeling machines, packing machines. Since there are many bottle sizes available, from small, single-use bottles to large bottles that are used in water cooling machines, water filling machines can be programmed to fill different sizes. There is also an issue of material used for bottles. The most common bottles are PET bottles that are fully recyclable and are very practical as they are durable, light and brake-proved. They can be used for spring and carbonated water as well. There are also glass bottles that are reusable and can be used multiple times and still be recycled at the end. Bottle filling machines are made to be used on both materials.

The bottled water industry is constantly developing. Bottled water is regularly tested and is known to be healthier than tap water. It is safe for all age and health issues that a person may have. Bottled waters contain minerals, vitamins, and trace elements and some are known to have a medicinal effect. There is no wonder that this industry is constantly developing and using new technologies.



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