Turn-key Project From Design To Production - 12000 Ghana Carbonated Beverage Line

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Complete flow chart of project construction

Establish relation -- knowing needs, giving professional advice -- Confirm the final scheme win the order ----- bottle sample and layout design ---- arrange production ----- pre-production machine debugging ----- machine delivery ---- engineer debugging ----- start production (determine the priority of customer quality judgment Tag - production arrangement based on customer's funds/requirements/services, etc.)

Production Line

2 Production Lines: 12000bph carbonated drinks filling line

Client Factory



2 sets automatic bottle blowing machines/a set water treatment system /2 sets gas-filled filling systems /2 sets filling machines /2 sets automatic label machines /2 sets laser coding machines /2 sets film charter machines and conveying

Project Mode

Turn-Key Project from the layout to production line


7 containers

Client intention

To carry out the production of beverages containing steam and gain profits

Core Philosophy

Meet customer needs and help customers successfully and efficiently carry out production activities

Our Purpose

Meet customer needs, give customers professional help, produce new technology and high quality equipment for customers, help customers to carry out projects successfully and efficiently, and help customers to obtain more benefits


1.Establish Connection & Joint Hands on Integrated Water Beverage CSD Production Line

This is a real customer from Ghana. Our Reliable first contacted our customers for the first time in March 2021 and learned about the needs of customers. After continuous exchanges with customers, and the continuous efforts of our Reliable team, we gave customers professional guidance, analyzed market demand and project feasibility, and finally won the trust of customers.


2.Bottle sample design and plant layout



3.Production tracking and quality control

Each of our equipment will be produced for customers based on their voltage, bottle size and design, and our entire production process will be supervised and controlled by a professional QC team. We are always providing our customers with the most advanced technology and the highest quality machines. Our QC will strictly check every step of production and record every inspection to ensure the production of the highest quality, in line with international standards.


4.Testing and shipping

From August 2021 to February 2022, after 6 months, we have finally completed the production of the customer's equipment. In order to enable our customers to produce as soon as possible, our engineers worked overtime to complete the final debugging test for our customers before loading the container. During the whole debugging process, we will conduct debugging according to the original technical requirements and quality requirements, and send the debugging video to the customer. We will start loading the container after the customer's confirmation.
We will wrap the customer's machine with a complete film, and put it into the wooden box, to ensure that the machine is fully wrapped, we will not load the customer's machine.


5.Arriving and overseas commissioning

After a month's shipping, our 7 containers containing the customer's machinery finally arrived at Tema Port, Ghana, but our service of Relaibo is not over yet. In order to enable our customer to produce the machine as soon as possible, we sent 2 experienced overseas engineers to help our customer debug the machine. These two designers have more than 10 years' experience in beverage machinery debugging. And for many of our customers to complete debugging operations, and to our customers numerous praise. With the assistance of these two experienced engineers, we completed the debugging of two 12000BPH steam containing whole lines in just 20 days, and trained the engineers and employees in the customer's factory. Our engineers have report records for debugging every day. Every record, every progress and success of debugging have improved our customers' trust in us, and also improved their satisfaction with us. The customer wants to give us the next high-volume juice line.


6.Product Show



7.Customer Feedback

After our Ghanaian customer successfully started production with the help of Relaib, they couldn't wait to tell our Relaib team the good news:

We always put the needs and interests of our customers first, which is an important reason why we are able to establish a good reputation in this industry. Our high quality products and warm and professional service make our Ghanaian customers praise us. We will continue to provide our customers with suitable quality solutions, and will also give them the most professional and high-quality service, to help them realize the "beverage tycoon dream".


8.Market Requirement

With the rapid development of the global beverage industry, as well as the rapid development of products, beverage varieties more abundant, the global beverage market has a bright future. Juice is also in great demand. Relabor will provide you with professional guidance to help you seize the opportunities for a better future.



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