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Although the global epidemic has not yet passed, the "Customer First" service of Reliable Machinery has always been there. As long as the customer has a need to visit our model factory, we will do our best to meet the customer's requirement and make all reception arrangements.

In November, we are honored to invite our Africa Ethiopia customers to visit our Dubai customer's model factory.

Making visiting schedule, booking a taxi from hotel to the factory, and there is a professional staff accompanying and guiding, our customers enjoyed the tour of the entire pure drinking water production line. From water treatment system, to PET bottle blowing, to water bottle rinsing-filling-capping, and finally to labeling and shrink film wrapping, customers got to know how to make bottled drinking water, it's more intuitive and understandable to see it with their own eyes. The customers are quite satisfied with Reliable Machinery quality and service, their 20000BPH water production line project shall be carried out in the middle of 2023, and look forward to reaching a cooperation with us as soon as possible!

If you are also interested in water&beverage production line, pls do not hesitate to contact Reliable Machinery Team(Whatsapp: +86 15150250830), we shall try hard to achieve a mutual win-win.


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