UAE Business Trip -- Meet With Reliable Machinery Global Customers

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At the end of 2022 and before the start of 2023, Reliable Machinery wants to make a conclusion for the whole year to meet with customers who cannot come to China due to the epidemic. In order to show our sincerity, Reliable Machinery GM Ms. Lisa chose Dubai, UAE as an interchange city for the convenience of all customers.

We are very grateful that Reliable Machinery customers can fly a long way to join in the UAE meetings. Our customers are from all over the world (such as Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Angola, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Poland, Morocco, Algeria and so on), they were full of expectation for this UAE business trip. JW Marriot Hotel is our meeting position as it has high recognition and convenient transportation, with a beautiful scene outside the cafe, Ms. Lisa communicated with them face-to-face about their investment projects in bottled water/juice/carbonated soft drinks, also taking customers to visit our Dubai factory, signed Purchase Intention Letter and Strategy Cooperation Agreement.

In the New Year of 2023, we will hold a hundred times efforts and new spirit to serve customers, and strive to return the trust of our customers, do our best for the customers’ business, to achieve a win-win goal! 

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