First Foreign Customer’s Visiting After Chinese Spring Festival

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Since the announcement of the latest policy on the entry of foreigners into China in early January and no longer implementing the quarantine period, the new and old customers of Reliable Machinery are all very excited and can't wait to start planning to visit our Chinese factory.

After the Chinese Spring Festival, Reliable Machinery welcomed our first visitor, a customer from Yemen. This is not the first time he has come to China. He has visited China many times before the epidemic and had a very good impression of China. The main purpose of coming to our factory this time is to understand our raw material procurement/production process and quality control, got to understand the structure and appearance of related machines on site, experienced the actual operation status of all machinery, and communicated with our engineers to discuss some project details. The specific procurement demand of Yemeni customers is an 8000BPH glass bottle sparkling water filling production line. From water treatment to filling machine, to fully automatic self-adhesive labeling machine and film packaging machine, our engineers have carried out a detailed explanation for the customer and the customer was very satisfied.

The customer's local plant infrastructure work in Yemen has already started, and the construction is expected to be completed between June and July, and it is planned to be officially put into operation in September 2023. Therefore, the customer signed a letter of intent to purchase with our company and paid a 10% advance payment on site. The procurement of raw materials has been arranged, and the order preparation notice for the entire production line has also been issued. On the basis of strictly controlling the production quality of the machine, it can meet the customer's delivery requirements and help the customer's production and profitability.

Thanks to the customers’ trust and support of Reliable Machinery. Our factory is also undergoing upgrading and transformation to welcome more customers with a new attitude.

If you also want to visit or inspect our factory, please feel free to contact us, we are always by your side. ( Whatsapp: +86 15150250830)


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