How To Choose PET Bottle High Speed Blowing Machine?

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With the end of winter and the arrival of spring, the demand for all kinds of drinks in the consumer market has increased significantly, such as sparkling water, tea, functional soft drinks, etc. This is followed by a rise in demand for beverage filling lines.

There is an important part of the beverage filling line is the bottle blowing machine, which can blow plastic particles (softened into liquid) or finished bottle embryos into bottles by certain technological means. Bottle blowing machines on the market generally includes feeding system, heating system, bottle blowing system, control system and auxiliary machine.

bottle blowing machine

How to choose an automatic bottle blower?

1. Output: Generally speaking, beverage manufacturers choose the model of bottle blowing machine according to the products they need. For different production, the focus is on the number of cavities, bottle capacity size and hourly output. Reliable Machinery has the ability to design independently and can customize the bottle according to clients’ needs.

2. Stability: The stability of the equipment is crucial. At present, the working time of the bottle blowing machine is longer, generally not less than 10 hours. Long time working equipment instability will affect the normal production of enterprises.

3. Cost performance: Price and material are indispensable factors in the selection of bottle blowing machine. There is no doubt about the cost performance of our machines in the industry.

4. After-sales service: In the process of running the machine, it is inevitable to appear some conditions. Thoughtful after-sales service for customers to reduce follow-up concerns and ensure the credibility of the brand.

Reliable Machinery is focusing on introducing new technology linear PET blowing machine - variable pitch high-speed bottle blowers this year to complement and extend the capacity of existing bottle blowers, which helps manufacturers produce more bottles with less energy consumption to better meet changing market demands. This machine effectively improves production efficiency, reduces the consumption of raw materials and energy, and reduces the cost of single-bottle production.

What’s the main difference between the new technology linear PET blowing machine and the regular blowing machine?

As many customers are interested in the new technology blowing machine, they have a common question above.  Here please see reply in brief:

Whether a pitch-changing mechanism is used. (which determined the new technology machines are energy-saving machines)

The regular blowing machine has a big heating pitch (the distance of the near 2 preforms), and the heating pitch is the same to the cavity pitch.  If the machine is for a maximum 1500ml, the cavity pitch will be over 105mm, and the heating pitch is the same also.

While the new technology blowing machine has the pitch changing mechanism, the heating pitch can be made much smaller.  For example, in the machine for 1500ml production, the heating pitch is 38mm only, with the pitch changing to a cavity pitch of 105mm.

The small heating pitch and pitch changing determined the new technology blowing machine has the obvious advantage of heating energy saving.  Usually over 50% of electric power can be saved compared to a regular blowing machine.

bottle blowing machine

Whether the servo motors are used for major motions of blowing machine. (which determined the new technology machines have a higher output and less maintenance)

Most motions of regular blowing machines usually are driven by pneumatic elements, for example, preform feeding, perform transmission, mold clamping, bottle taking out, etc. most of them are driven by air cylinders.

While in new technology blowing machines, all the major motions are driven by servo motors.

With the support of this new technology, the high-speed bottle blowing machine can produce 12,000 ~ 24,000 bottles per hour when blowing 750ML bottle capacity. There are also more sizes to choose from, with a 10 -, 12 -, 16 - cavity. At the same time, the high-speed bottle blower can also be compatible with 1.5L capacity of bottles, but the corresponding output will be relatively reduced, the number of cavities is also different. And the bottle blower can be applied to 3025#, 2925#, 28#, 26#, 24# and other models of bottle mouth.

Reliable Machinery is also actively seeking cooperation in the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with Siemens, Schneider, Autonics and other international enterprises. By working together with our partners, Reliable Machinery will continue to provide high value-added products and services to our customers and promote the development of the bottle filling industry.

If you are also interested in water&beverage production line, pls do not hesitate to contact Reliable Machinery Team(Whatsapp: +86 15150250830), we will share more details for you.


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