High Speed 24 Head Rotary OPP Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine

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Recently, we have completed a 24 OPP labeling machine for Oman customers. Customers are very satisfied with the on-site inspection. Our company has always been in the leading position of OPP labeling machine production machines. It has the best domestic engineers and is committed to various innovative research and development and patent applications of machines. Meet the needs of various customers. Our OPP label saves a maximum cost of more than 30%, and the label material is new and environmentally friendly. And we have advanced hot -melt glue glue technology, perfectly fit the bottle body, and the cost of gum saving glue is used to ensure that the product packaging is beautiful and generous, and the market competitiveness of customer products is improved.

Entering the 21st century human society, the label machine has become an indispensable packaging equipment for the modern packaging industry. At present, the variety of production labeling machines in my country is rich and diverse, and the level of technology has also made great progress compared to the last century. It has shifted from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labels to the independent design and R & D production platform. Automatic high speed labeling machines already occupy most markets.

High speed OPP hot-melt glue labeling machine is suitable for labels of various OPPs, pearl membranes, composite paper and other roll materials labels such as washing, drinking, mineral water, food, etc.

The hot melting glue OPP labeling machine is a new type of labeling machine with a rotating and continuous sticker; the device can automatically adjust the input and transmission of the container; The distance, then the imported star wheel transmits the container to the container to the table, and the container will be fixed by the mold holder of the bottle mechanism and the container, and the container will start to rotate at a certain speed; Institutional trajectory is positioned. When the container reaches the electric eye detection position, the computer host controls the label bid delivery system for bid delivery. When a bid delivery action is completed, a tag is cut off at a high speed knife; , Ensure that the accuracy and stability of high -speed bid delivery and bids are cut off to the upper glue system; in this part, the system to apply glue on the two parts of the front edge of the label. The minimum label that has been coated with glue When it is transferred to the label position, the label can accurately and effectively stick to the container. Because the container is in a rotation state during the transmission of the label, the label can be pasted stably and tightly to the container. The glue strip at the end of the glue can form a good label and seal, and a label process is completed.

Today, the labeling machine is becoming more and more popular with the public, which is inseparable from itself, especially the following two points:

1. The scope of use is wide: As we all know, the application scope of the label machine is very extensive, which can be satisfied with the labeling work of various types of different objects. Regardless of the shape, the switch between the labels of different products is very very good. simple.

2. High tag weight: The method of correction mechanisms adopted by the internal device by bypass, so that the belt will not have a migrants. There is no dead end when adjusting, and its weight is very high.

The difference between hot melt adhesive labeling machine and non -dry glue labeling machine

1. Different glue material: There is hot melt compressive glue in the hot melting glue, but not dry glue is not dry glue. From the meaning of non -drying gum, it also has water properties, that is, the type of liquid acrylic, like transparent tape, like transparent tape Basically, they belong to this type, and the labels are basically hot-melt and non -gum.

2. Different scope of applicable: The hot -melt glue labeling machine is mostly used for the labels of plastic bottles in the water and beverage industry; the non -dry glue labeling machine is mostly used for high value-added product labels in the chemical industry, which has generous and beautiful characteristics.

3. Different prices: The production cost of hot-melt glue labeling machine is low, so the price is cheaper than non -dry glue labeling machines.

Our customers are continuously developing and growing with Reliable Machinery, so the company must also continuously improve its production capacity and technology research and development, match the needs of customers and markets, grow with customers, solve all problems of customers, provide the most perfect issues, provide the most perfect. Technical solutions.

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