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Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China of rich cultural connotation and profound historical background. On this day, people will race dragon boats, hang folium artemisiae argyi, eat Zongzi and so on. These customs have specific allegorical and symbolic meanings, which represents people's yearning and blessing for health, happiness, peace and reunion. On this special occasion, we would like to take this opportunity to express our support and gratitude to you.

Ms Lisa, General Manager of Reliable Machinery, although visiting customers abroad, still always cares for staff, not only sending online blessings, but also issuing various festival gifts to reward their hard-work and efforts all the time.

Dragon Boat Festival

Reliable Machinery has been committed to creating higher quality beverage filling and packaging machinery for customers, providing better pre-sales and after-sales service, continue to innovate, be proactive, and help customers grow and profit. In such a happy holiday, our after-sales service team and foreign engineer team have been busy in the front line to provide customers with 24-hour online service.

Though miles apart, we are under the same sky. Finally, we wish all staff and customers around the world a happy and harmonious Dragon Boat Festival. Thank you for your support and trust. We will continue to provide customers with excellent products and services to drive our common development and prosperity.

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