How To Become A Water Treatment Specialist

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70% of the human body is composed of water; drinking 1000-1500ml of healthy water every day is conducive to physical health and maintaining a young body; it can be imagined that water is important to our daily life. When you pick up a cup of clear mineral water, have you thought about how this glass of water was produced?

This article will introduce about water sources, the composition of the water treatment system, and the advantages of Reliable Machinery water treatment system. I hope you will have some new cognition about drinking water.

Where do we get the daily drinking water?

The choice of water resource is essential for the production of high-quality drinking water. General water sources include underground drilling water, river water, government tap water, mountain spring water, and so on. Generally speaking, clear and mineral-rich mountain spring water is the best choice to produce healthy mineral water. We also recommend you survey the ingredients of water sources through professional institutions testing and issuing water quality reports, and how we should purify it reasonably.

What parts does water treatment system compose?

"Water treatment system" is to remove some harmful substances that are not needed for production and consumption through various physical and chemical methods. Social production and daily consumption are closely related to water.

Basic composition:

Raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → sodium ion filter → precision filter → reverse osmosis purification system/hollow ultrafiltration system → ozone sterilization → ultraviolet sterilization → water storage tank

(You can choose according to the quality of the water)

water treatment system

The function of Water Treatment System:


Equipment Name

Functions and Features


Quartz Sand Filter


The fine particle impurities in the water are retained, and the turbidity of the water is generally reduced below 10mg/l, and the organic matter/bacteria/viruses in the water can be removed in large quantities with the reduction of the turbidity.


Active Carbon Filter

Remove residual chlorine, 63%-86% of colloidal substances, about 50% of iron, and 47%-60% of organic matter.


Precision Filter

Removes smaller suspended solids/particulate matter and colloids in water to prevent fouling of RO membranes.


Reverse Osmosis Unit

Remove more than 97% of the salt in raw water; reduce turbidity; remove bacteria and particulates, organic/colloidal substances.


Ion Exchange Unit

Improve water quality, remove Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions in water, soften water quality.


Ultrafiltration Unit

It can effectively retain organic matter/colloids/microorganisms/algae and fungi in water to ensure that the effluent meets the requirements of safety and stability.


Ultraviolet sterilizer

Using ultraviolet rays to destroy the nuclei of microorganisms, the bacteria in the water are killed.


Ozone sterilizer

Kills bacterial propagules and spores/viruses/fungi, etc., and destroys botulinum toxin. The sterilization speed is fast and the duration is long.

quartz sand and activated carbon

(Figures of quartz sand and activated carbon)

What are the advantages of Reliable Machinery?

Main machine, pipes & valves, frameworks, every detail, all stainless steel manufacturing

Fine manufacturing and welding processes

Thick 3mm tank.

U.S. imported HYDRANAUTICS brand RO membrane, the world's most leading filtering technology

Water is an indispensable natural resource for human development, and is a material basis for human and all creatures to survive. Reliable Machinery always insists on building the most suitable water treatment purification platform for your factory with high-quality water treatment equipment. Stable quality output and intimate maintenance guidance can make our water treatment equipment continue to serve your production.


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