What Are the Advantages of A Carton Packing Machine?

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Do you know why in recent years, more and more people have begun to use carton packaging machines in the water/beverage packaging industry? Why do you have a soft spot for the solution of the carton packing? This article will reveal one by one.

Reliable Machinery carton packaging machine uses formed cardboard to automatically and continuously pack glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, etc. It is suitable for automatic production lines such as beer, beverages, condiments, and food. It is widely used in chemical, food, medicine and other industries, supporting filling lines, etc., and carrying out secondary carton packaging for various bottles and cans.

​​​​carton packing machine

What are the technical features of the carton packing machine?

- Adopt automatic bottle separation technology, online continuous operation; PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation.

- Frequency control main driver; container grouping brushless servo motor.

- Standard chain and internationally renowned hot melt device; self-lubricating chain and permanently lubricating bearings.

- Uniform gluing according to running speed; electronic adjustment of gluing length.

- Simple touch operation; multiple safety protections.

- Slim body design and large sliding door for easy access

- Adapt to a variety of bottle types, easy to adjust;

- Imported brand-name components are used for motors, cylinders and electronic controls, and standard components are used to reduce spare parts storage;

- Use 304 materials as much as possible, and the whole machine is beautiful and elegant.

carton packaging machine

What is the specific workflow for the carton packing machine?

Bottle conveying - bottle stacking - cardboard conveying - bottle feeding - glue spraying - carton wrapping - output.

How do I know that I need a carton packing machine?

Reliable Machinery offers you packing machines with clear advantages:

- Modular structure provides a high degree of flexibility;

- The linear arrangement of the machine makes the packaging particularly accurate;

-Using an internationally renowned servo control system;

- The control cabinet is pre-connected with wires to make the start-up fast;

- The format change time is short;

- Simple maintenance;

carton packaging machine

Looking for a carton packing machine supplier?

People’s love for carton packing confirms the world's pursuit of environmental-friendly solutions and energy conservation, and also puts forward new requirements and expectations for the industry. To win a place in the ever-changing packaging industry, we must learn to adapt to the new rules of the market and the manufacturing industry. As a professional production line supplier, we, Reliable Machinery, always keep up with business trends, and have been committed to producing high-quality machines that meet market demands, injecting new vitality into your business and helping you achieve greater profits. For any more information about our carton packing machine, please kindly contact us immediately. 


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