How to Choose the Most Suitable Labeling Machine

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The labeling machine is a new type of fully automatic product with a wide variety. For many friends who are new to the labeling machine, the most troublesome question is that they do not know how to buy a labeling machine. After all, there are many labeling machine manufacturers (Reliable Machinery) today. So what kind of labeling machine is the most stable? Which labeling machine is the most economical in production? How to choose the most suitable labeling machine for me?

1. Clarify your own product specifications and requirements

Clarify the label requirements for your own products, for example, the bottle's material and shape, the label's material and size, the purchase quantity and the profit ratio required for label production. And the labeling method: sleeve labeling machine, OPP labeling machine or adhesive labeling machine.

Only after full consideration of the requirements of the products, we can better match the appropriate labeling machine and ensure stable and rational production.

Reliable Machinery can help customers to calculate the cost and the corresponding electricity fee + loss (wear and tear) fee + labor fee + label cost, and help you find the most suitable labeling machine!

2. Machine production capacity

No matter which machine you buy, production capacity is key. Labeling output is critically related to the product itself, the label and labeling rate, and the size of your plant.

The output of Reliable Machinery labeling machine has wide ranges from 6000-24000BPH, the output of the automatic sleeve labeling machine can reach 12000BPH, and the output of OPP labeling machine can reach 20000BHP at maximum.  

If your bottle water is for high-end water, or glass bottles water, it is more suitable to use a sticker labeling machine; medium production is more suitable for sleeve labeling; and for large production, in order to save the cost of raw materials in future, it is recommended to choose OPP hot melt labeling machine.

3. Choose from labeling accuracy

The precision of labeling is related to the level and image of the brand, so the precision of labeling must be high so as not to affect the sales and grade of the product. Nowadays, in the general specifications of labeling machines, the labeling quality (also called labeling accuracy) is generally within ±1mm, semi-automatic equipment can reach ±0.5mm, and high-precision ones can be achieved within ±0.2mm.

4. Excellent after-sales service

A good automatic labeling machine should not only be reflected in the advanced structure, technology and performance, but also in the entire sales service level, especially the thoughtful, rapid response and timely solution of after-sales service are the primary considerations for purchasing equipment. And this is also a factor that affects the price of automatic labeling machines. Customers who have bought equipment hope to have a good after-sales service. Only a good after-sales service level and team are the premises for customers to buy with confidence.

Purchase labeling machines from Reliable Machinery

Reliable Machinery labeling machine is suitable for various bottle types, with high standard positioning accuracy, perfect bottle shape adjustment method, stable overall mechanism, simple maintenance, and experienced engineers who provide technical support. Reliable Machinery will offer you the best service!


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