How to Choose Which Shrink Wrapping Machine You Need

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In supermarkets, we can often see different kinds of water, beverage, and juice packaged together, you might have such questions: what is the material of the packages? And what machine is used to pack them? How to choose the right machine for packaging? This article will focus on answering these questions, about the advantages of heat shrink packaging machines and how to choose the heat shrink packaging machine you need, bringing you a new understanding of the beverage packaging industry.

1. Use and advantages of shrink wrapping machines

The shrink wrapping machine provided by Reliable Machinery adopts PE film for continuous packaging of glass bottles, PET bottles, etc., which is suitable for beer and beverage production lines, and widely used in chemical, food and other industries. In addition, the shrink wrapping machine can reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen, and is suitable for tight packaging of multiple items.

In fact, most of the drinks on the market are packaged by heat shrink packaging machines. Because the shrinkage of the transparent film can fully display the appearance of the product, which can increase its beauty and value, and also facilitate sales and transportation. This is one of the biggest advantages of film packaging machines.

2. How to choose the shrink wrapping machine you need

Reliable Machinery provides you with a variety of types of shrink wrapping machines. We mainly provide you with the following two categories, which you can choose according to your needs. 

Automation level: According to the level of automation you want, the shrink wrapping machine of Reliable Machinery is mainly divided into two types, one is a semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine, and the other is an automatic shrink wrapping machine.

Capacity: Shrink wrapping machines mainly have the following several different output machines: semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine: 2-5pkgs/min; Automatic shrink wrapping machine: 7-10pkgs/min; Linear shrink wrapping machine: 12-15pkgs/min; L linear type shrink wrapping machine: 15-20pkgs/min.

3. Work-flow of shrink wrapping machines

In order to give you a better understanding of the shrink wrapping machine, Reliable Machinery provides you with the shrink wrapping machine workflow.

Into the bottle → automatic bottle release → push the bottle → hot sealing - cold cutting → PE→ shrinkage → cooling.

4. Excellent service of shrink wrapping machines

Reliable Machinery provides you with excellent service. We have a unique advantage and have overseas engineers. When you encounter any difficulties in installation or after-sales, you can contact us. Reliable Machinery will provide you with the most appropriate and adequate services.

If you still have questions about the shrink wrapping machine, or you want to choose a shrink wrapping machine you need, you are welcome to contact our company, we will give you the most sincere service.


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