Reliable Machinery Team Building Activities -- We Are All Bakers

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In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Reliable Machinery employees, promote the construction of our company's culture, gather a good corporate centripetal force, and promote friendly exchanges between employees, on the afternoon of August 12, Reliable Machinery organized and launched the theme activity of "We are all bakers", allowing employees to gain a different happy experience in their own baking activity.

All employees are divided into four groups: egg tart team/baked chicken wings team/cookie team/basque cake team. Putting on aprons and gloves, everyone is busy based on their respective division of labor, some people are kneading dough, some are stirring eggs, some are marinating chicken wings, some are stirring milk syrup.

Time is ticking and there is a sweet smell in the air, and delicious desserts are here! With delicious drinks and live music, everyone shares their recent work and life while tasting their baking desserts. Both their bodies and moods are relaxed, and their joy is beyond words.

Reliable Machinery is a big family full of happiness, which can always take everyone to try and experience new things, and discover happiness and beauty. The baking activity not only allows everyone to temporarily get away from their busy work and integrate into the infinite fun of pastry baking but also enhances team cohesion and improves the happiness of work and life.

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