Internal Training Programs of Reliable

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Internal training is one of the important means to promote the continuous development of companies. The company internal training refers to the planned and systematic training and training activities carried out by companies and aims to improve personnel quality, ability, work performance of staff and to make contributions to the organization.


In order to provide better service to customers, Reliable implements an internal training policy this week and all staff were involved in it. Senior engineers and sales managers provide pertinent training and share their valuable experience so that all members of our team could benefit a lot from it.


This week's training was conducted by two senior engineers of Reliable, explaining the knowledge of carbonated drink production line and other specific technical problems, so that salesmen can have a comprehensive understanding of the machine and can communicate with customers more efficiently.



On the training site, all members were listening carefully and the questions they posed are deep, real and active. The two engineers' detailed answer made person believed. Finally, the lecture ultimately brought to a succeed ending. 




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