Special Adjustment Section to Fight Against Covid-19

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As we can inspect from Covid-19 virus second wave thriving all over the world, it is rather difficult for both customers coming to China and us flying out for adjusting and debugging the machines.


Normally after the machines have arrived in the factory, we would send engineers to be on-site for installation, adjustment and debugging. Professional technicians would assist to connect the machines, and also responsible for training the local engineers to acquire knowledge of checking and debugging the machines. But now, we have no other way but to stay within country board.


In order to adapt to this situation, we Reliable machinery presents new exclusive adjustment services.

1. Targeted Video Guidance

In order to make the adjustment process more precise and clear, we would present it in the format of videos according to the model and configuration of your machines.



2. Live Video Chat with Engineers for Professional Advice

We would set up group chat and invite engineers from both sides for live communication in the factory. With inspection in your factory and machines lively, our engineer can give the best suggestions regarding the installation and adjustment.